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American owned and operated. Lodging, meals, and materials are included. Come to Veracruz by plane (we'll meet you at the airport), bus, or car. Non-traditional Spanish immersion optimizes your learning in this especially safe, very friendly city.   (About Us--click here)

Spanish Language Immersion at our Spanish Language School Is Only Half a Block from the Open Ocean.  Veracruz is a Great Place to Study Spanish

Learn to Speak Spanish
on the Ocean in safe,
exciting Veracruz

At the Veracruz Beach two blocks from The Language Immersion School
OUR  VIDEO   A Week in the Life of a Student
median student age-- 49 years old
average length of study-stay-- 2.7 weeks
maximum group size-- 2 students
maximum school enrollment-- 24 students
comfort-- air conditioned throughout
accommodations-- individual room with private bath
safety information-- from  staff    from  students
WONDERFUL NEWS and a powerful reason to come to Veracruz:
June 25, 2019

Here’s some great news about our school's most popular teacher ever !!!!!!!!

Angelica started in a local university during our last year running the school. Her major was accounting, and now she had her degree and title. (It’s correct in Mexico to address her as Contadora. But she’s an especially special friend, and we, and you, will always call her Angelica.)

More than anything she has ever done, she loved teaching Spanish to foreigners the very best. Her eight years teaching for us, of course, have her more than fully ready to teach. Her degree and the year she spent working as an accountant, have her ready to open up on her own.

Yesterday she asked if we’d let everybody know.

Angelica has our 100% support. (If it were mathematically possible, she’d have our 100,000,000% support.)

We’d love to visit with you for a few minutes, and so we hope you’ll get hold of Angelica through us.
email or call, either’s fine or our US cellphone (415) 939-4388.

You can contact Angelica on WhatsApp. Her number is +52 1 (229) 109-7369.

We're sure you can imagine how happy we are for her. And also how proud we are.

Please read:
July 25, 2017

As you’ve probably seen in prior notices, we (Eric and Linda Langner) closed our Language Immersion School several years ago. We’re retired and living in Paradise, living in our wonderful, traditional home in Veracruz, Mexico.

(The school name continues in Veracruz, but we are not associated with it.)

We have kept our school’s website online so that those looking at Linda’s books can see what our immersion school was like.

Linda has published 14 books. (And I, Eric, am as proud as can be of her.)

You can see Linda’s books here inside our site or on Linda’s Amazon Author Page or on LindaLangnerBooks.

Her books, in both Kindle and paperback formats, are available to everyone on

Please read:
updated 3/26/17

School Is Closed, and We’re Retired and Busy as can Be.

The school name, The Language Immersion School, continues, but we (Eric and Linda) are no longer associated with it. This is site we used for our school. It isn’t the new school’s site.

Linda and I are now fully retired.

Retirement in Veracruz, in Paradise as our son says, is wonderful. Each day life for us is pure pleasure. We wish we had retired forty or fifty years ago.

We’re so busy doing things we love to do that the day is always too short, nighttime arrives too fast.

Linda, in addition to playing the piano (she’s now working on Beethoven’s piano concertos), taking up the guitar, and exploring Julia Child’s recipes, has written two books and is working on the third and fourth. She’s always been a natural teacher, and these books are Linda at her best.

She’s taken blogs about Veracruz I wrote over the years for our school’s website and prepared them is Spanish—Spanish the way a learned native speaker would write them. And then she added copious explanatory footnotes. She already has enough material for six books. The first book is now available in Amazon in Kindle format.

And I’m so relaxed and rejuvenated having rested a year that I’m blogging about Veracruz once again. So Linda will keep having blogs to incorporate and books to write for as long as she wants.

Some of you know that our daughter was very sick. A year and a half ago she had a stem cell transplant for multiple myeloma. Today’s medical science is incredible. At her six month battery of tests her system was without any indication of residual cancer. And if anything her just taken 18th month battery of tests has even better results.

With her six month results so good, we began to relax. And during the year between then and now we’ve rested up, emotionally rested up. We closed the school to be with her during her treatment, and we’re so glad we were there. Closing the school left us retired. We’re so thankful she’s okay. And, much less important of course, we’re so thankful we’re retired.

We miss having the school—actually we miss all the folks who came to school. Not having so many friends around is the only downside to being retired.

My immediate next big project is to work in our website and build pages where Linda can place her books and talk about them. COMPLETED

And then my next, next big project is to get into Amazon to offer them both as Kindle books and as paperbacks. COMPLETED

My projects are trivial compared to what Linda’s doing. I’m a proud husband, a husband who knows how lucky he is to have such a wonderful, loving wife.

I have to stop writing and get to work. I promised to have everything done and in our site and in Amazon by the end of the February.I get to start playing the guitar until my fingertips ache, and read, and try to sketch and ...

I’m on it.

Eric (of Linda and Eric) Langner, 12/2/16 3/26/2017

Our Spanish immersion is far south in traditional, colonial Veracruz and right on the ocean.

Veracruz always has been and is today one of the world's safest cities. Come to where it's still very, very safe in Latin America.

One-half block in from the ocean's edge, two blocks from the beach, and three blocks from our small, ocean-going craft, the school is located in a spacious and charming, old, fully air conditioned, colonial home. Along with instruction and Out-and-About Labs, school includes room, meals, and materials.   A Look at the Full Waterfront

Click on the map to go to a waterfront layout.

Day trips--talking-in-Spanish trips--take you to pyramids and other ruins, the third highest mountain peak in North America, scuba and snorkling on the Veracruz coral reef system, river rafting, and dozens and dozens of cities, towns, and villages all different from one another.

The Veracruz Coral Reef System is made up of 15 major reef structures.

The Veracruz Coral Reef System

This is the northern half of the system. Click on the map to see the entire system.

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Contact us:
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Our U.S. number is  (415) 939-4388.  This is a San Francisco number that rings right through to us in Veracruz.

If you're a dancer, while you're here you can arrange to study the balletfolklorico. And even if you aren't a dancer, the visuals and live music are wonderful.

Ballet Folklórico in Veracruz  

Ballet Folklórico is everywhere in Veracruz. On Wednedsay nights a group performs on the malecon.

An overnight trip will take you to the Voladores de Papantla  The Dazzling Flyers of Papantla


Veracruz is 100% alive and always fun. We're close to the harbor, close to the malecon, close to the historic and ever-vibrant downtown, and connected to everywhere with abundant public transportation. You'll never want the day to end. But it's okay because just like today, every tomorrow is also one of the best days of your life.

We invite you to join us for Spanish Immersion.

The School's Address and Phone
The Language Immersion School
Calle Alacio Pérez #61
Col. R. Flores Magón
Veracruz, Ver. Mexico
C.P. 91900
Within Mexico (229) 931-4716,
Within Mexico Cellular (229) 207-1929

Veracruz Is Very Far South In Mexico And Is Very, Very Safe. The heartbreaking, terrible violence up along the border does not affect this part of the country. You can still come to Mexico and be safe--safer than in many other Latin American countries. We're always very happy to discuss safety with you.

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Spanish Language Immersion and a Pyramid at El Tajín in Veracruz

Spanish Language Schools and a Donkey Cart Recycle Service

Spanish Language Schools Close to One of Veracruz's Many Beaches

Become a Speaker of Spanish

  • It’s easy to study Spanish; but it’s hard to get speaking.
  • Here in Veracruz, a city that’s 100% alive, we make it easy for you to become a Spanish Speaker—to get conversational in Spanish
  • In and around Veracruz everywhere you’ll go life is fun and exciting, and you’ll be involved in what’s going on. Those around you will be speaking Spanish, and so, you will too!

Your unique immersion program is sheer brilliance. The balance of small classroom instruction and 2 hour outings with your teachers or charlantes is the perfect educational opportunity to improve one's Spanish   TERRY B. M.D., PORTLAND

Our Primary Focus is to get you Speaking Spanish

  • Spanish immersion using our highly successful, non-traditional approach gets you using your Spanish within a day or two of beginning class.
  • If you’ve had no prior Spanish, you’ll be carrying on survival conversation in days.
  • If you’re medium or advanced, your functional conversational level will skyrocket. You’ll automatically begin adding tenses and complexity to your speaking.
  • Beginner or advanced, we’ll have you using however much Spanish you know almost immediately, and we’ll teach you a great deal more.
  • Our teaching staff is experienced and academically well prepared. We, the owners, hold U.S. master's degrees (and secondary and community college teaching credentials).

As a graduate with a degree in linguistics from the University of California, I have experienced a multitude of language teaching methods... Your methods are the most effective I have ever experienced.   Jerry C., San Diego

Our School’s Study Approach is Non-Traditional

  • We start where you are and move forward from there.
  • All Out-and-About Labs and all classroom study is small group. All study plans are individualized.
  • Classroom study, absolutely very important in its proper place, is a support service to speaking.
  • Our housing assures that you'll work with a larger and more varied group of native speakers than you do with traditional homestay.
  • Out-and-About Labs, in Veracruz, on the ocean, or out in the countryside, led by our native-Spanish-speaker Charlantes will give you hours of practice each day with the regular folks of Veracruz.
  • What you’ll do, where you’ll go, and with whom you’ll talk is designed to compliment your study goals. Each of our six basic Spanish language immersion programs is designed around specific needs.

Your school's Spanish learning experience was the best I've ever had. The staff is excellent in every way. I especially loved the charlante experience.    Susan P. R.N., W. Virginia

...the in-school lodging really ensures a great trip for both the single traveller and the family. You have a lot of freedom to explore the city and the area but never feel alone or isolated in foreign country which is great.   ANNIE C., NEW YORK CITY

Our Seven Basic Spanish Language Immersion Programs

We offer seven basic programs, all absolutely highly serious and successful and all absolutely pure happiness. When you're having fun, you just can't help but speak. Those around you down here speak Spanish, and so you will too!

Intensive Business Spanish Immersion

You’ve studied but you still can’t speak? Be you a businessman or a group of businessmen, a businesswoman or a group of buisnesswomen.

  • Become conversational through small group out-and-about labs headed by our school trained Charlantes.
  • Practice in your free time with our always-ready-to-chat-while-they're-working staff
  • Reinforce your prior study with classroom review given by experienced teaching professionals.
  • Enhance your perspectives on international business through business visits (some bilingual but for others the Spanish you're developing will be needed).
  • Practice around town in the evenings and in or out of town on the weekends.

Intensive Conversational Spanish Immersion

Have you found that it's easy to learn Spanish but hard to speak Spanish?

  • Take all the background you've put together and let us get you talking.
  • From the moment you take your first sip of hot coffee or freshly squeezed juice while you sit in the kitchen as staff prepares your breakfast you'll be visiting in Spanish. You'll be able to keep speaking Spanish until late in the evening.
  • Starting from where your background ended, you'll build your skills in formal study with our experienced teaching staff.
  • The pleasure of talking and visiting in Spanish will be continual as you enjoy Veracruz in our Charlante led Out-and-About Labs.
  • With your evenings in town and weekends in or out of town you'll have more hours of happy practice.

“Your methods are the most effective I have ever experienced…”    Jerry, San Diego, CA

When we compare our experience to that of my sister and her husband who attended an immersion school in Spain, there is no comparison. They did homework and classwork. We talked and experienced. They have no confidence in their ability to speak. We may not get it right each time, but we have the confidence to try. They have an extremely limited voacbulary. We have the vocabulary needed to live in a Spanish speaking world comfortably.   BONNIE H., TUCSON

Subjunctive Intensive Spanish Immersion

Have you tried to conquer the subjunctive but found it to be a very rough going? Or maybe you have tried to avoid it all together?

  • Let us guide you step-by-step to master this (actually not so tough) verb form.
  • We approach the subjunctive in conversation where it's much easier to see what's going on and how it compares to English.
  • Step by step we work through a small set of preliminaries so that you are fully up to speed on all the prior knowledge needed.
  • Then we move into an easy to use, very clear and specific set of rules that lets you know when to use the subjunctive and when not to use it.
  • And all along the way we'll practice with you and practice and practice. In short order, conscious control over the subjunctive will begin to convert to automatic.

Family Mexico Vacation and Spanish Study

Want to take the whole family on the vacation of a lifetime?

  • Everybody in the family who wants to gets Spanish study--it's heavier for the parents and graduates downward in intensity to happy, playful, fun language accquisition for the little ones.
  • Visit the acquarium, take a harbor tour, ride the giant banana (staying close enough to shore), build sand castles, and eat hot dogs. Maybe you'll want to snorkel or one or two of you will want scuba lessons. A little river rafting or mountain glacier climbing takes the excitement to even higher elevation.
  • And in addition to all the standard, happy vacation items found in and around this vacation city (a city to which Mexicans come for vacation) add cultural experiences (ballet foklórico, donkey carts at work in the street, ruins and pyramids, tiny restaurants, bus trips, and more and more) that let the kids move into the future with broadened perspectives and an enjoyment of diversity.

Mix and Match with Spanish Immersion

Are you seeing items in our listing of programs that you wish were part of the program that's best for you?

  • Regardless of the program you choose, you're always welcome to dip into other programs and enjoy their events. It's all Spanish; it's all about speaking better, communicating better, and going where your happiness and sense of adventure takes you will bring to you and to us the very best final results. So look through everything and learn to speak Spanish having more fun than you ever expected.

It's obvious that you hire your staff based on their personalities. They're great conversationalists, gracious hosts, and a lot of fun!   ROBERT LAMB, COLLEGE PARK


Here is some out-of-school study you might want to consider. All of it happens in Spanish, and so all of it contributes to you language development.

  • Playing Mexican Marimba, Guitar, Harp, Jarana, and other musical instruments of
    Mexico (including voice)
  • Ballet Folklórico de Mexico
  • Salsa Lessons, and Tango Lessons.
  • Gym with a Personal Trainer
  • Scuba Lessons
  • Jarana Making

Free Time Activities

Here are some great things to do with your free time. All of it helps build your Spanish speaking. All of it has you deeply involved with Mexico and Mexico's people.
  • scuba diving the Veracruz Coral Reef (a Mexico National Park)
  • snorkeling the Veracruz Coral Reef (a Mexico National Park)
  • swimming in the Gulf of Mexico
  • whitewater rafting on some of the best rivers in Mexico
  • ocean kayaking in the Gulf of Mexico
  • mountain and glacier climbing on the highest peak in Mexico
  • visiting archaeological pyramids and ruins of ancient Mexico
  • visiting out of the way places--nooks and crannies around the state of Veracruz
  • boating on the Gulf of Mexico
  • deep sea fishing on the Gulf of Mexico
  • road and mountain biking
  • and if you're about to get married, an adventure wedding honeymoon vacation

Oaxaca, Puebla, Chiapas, Teotihuacan, Palenque, El Tajin, and much more of Mexico

In addition to all the wonderful day and overnight trips you can take, if you can stay in Mexico a little while longer these are some two and three night trips you might want to consider.

  • Veracruz is a transportation hub. Traveling to these fascinating destinations by bus is easy, and you'll get lots of opportunity to practice your Spanish.
  • If you're only with us a couple of weeks you'll probably prefer day and overnight trips, and there are so many places to go that are less than a three hour bus ride away.

Veracruz, the city, is located in the state of Veracruz.
Here's a look around. 
Veracruz, Mexico the city
Veracruz, Mexico the state
The University of Veracruz
The Symphonic Orchesta of Xalapa
The Aquarium of Veracruz
Veracruz Magazzine
Scuba diving
Mountain and glacier climbing

Map of the State of Veracruz, Mexico

SITEMAP--We have navigation bars on all principal pages, but in case it's of help to you, we've included this sitemap.


Photos and Pictures of Old Veracruz   click for more

A large-wheeled mule cart is somewhere downtown and is surrounded by turkeys.  But your imagination could turn them into turkey buzzards, and then no telling what might be being hauled in the cart.
One of Veracruz's finest public high schools is housed in this beautiful old building. It has very high ceilings with wonderful trim work done in plaster. The building is in the historic city center--the ever-vibrant downtown.

A Public Service from our Spanish Immersion Side--It Works Because of You.

Veracruz has treated us, our language immersion school, and our students wonderfully. As a totally free public service, the school maintains a books-in-English lending library. The books are available to anyone and everyone in Here's a look at the shelving for our Books in English Lending Library.  It's a totally free public service provided by The Language Immersion School.Veracruz who reads well enough in English to enjoy them. Right now the library has over 570 titles. Most are recent (and sometimes even current) bestsellers--page-turners that are hard to put down.

One of the easiest ways to improve a second language is to read (and read and read). We constantly look for ways to make the library more and more useful to everyone.

To take a look at the library catalog, copy and paste this url into your browser.

The library is one of the ways we say thanks to Veracruz for letting us be here, and for making being here such a happy and successful experience for our students of Spanish.

Here are some recently added titles.

  • Ironweed by William Kennedy
  • Lawless by Matt Boundurant
  • One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • The Delicate Storm by Giles Blunt
  • Pagan Spain by Richard Wright
  • In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner by Elizabeth George
  • Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein
  • Sycamore Row by John Grisham
  • Targets of Revenge by Jeffrey S. Stevens
  • Lyrics of Sunshine and Shadow by Eleanor Alexander
  • If You Eat, You Never Die by Tony Romano
  • Mission to Paris by Alan Furst
  • The Stars at Noon by Denis Johnson
We couldn't have the library without you. Over 80% of the library's titles were donated by our Spanish Immersion students. On behalf of all those the library serves and on the behalf of all of us at school, we thank everyone who has contributed.


Email:   Spam guard is a problem. If our reply isn't in your inbox promptly, please look in your spam or email us again.

Phone:   Our U.S. number is  (415) 939-4388.  This is a San Francisco number that rings right through to us in Veracruz.

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