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American owned and operated. Lodging, meals, and materials are included. Come to Veracruz by plane (we'll meet you at the airport), bus, or car. Non-traditional Spanish immersion optimizes your learning in this especially safe, very friendly city.   (About Us--click here)
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July 25, 2017

As you’ve probably seen in prior notices, we (Eric and Linda Langner) closed our Language Immersion School several years ago. We’re retired and living in Paradise, living in our wonderful, traditional home in Veracruz, Mexico.

(The school name continues in Veracruz, but we are not associated with it.)

We have kept our school’s website online so that those looking at Linda’s books can see what our immersion school was like.

Linda has published 14 books. (And I, Eric, am as proud as can be of her.)

You can see Linda’s books here inside our site or on Linda’s Amazon Author Page or on LindaLangnerBooks.

Her books, in both Kindle and paperback formats, are available to everyone on

Continuing Education Units, CEUs,
and College Credits

for Spanish Study and Multicultural Study
(and even Coral Reef Study)
on the Ocean in Veracruz, Mexico

Intensive Spanish Immersion Study at Veracruz's Language Immersion School

We're far south in traditional Mexico and right on the ocean. Down here you're surrounded with educational opportunity.


Our primary focus, of course, is getting you speaking Spanish. We do that in all the interesting ways we can, and thus we generated a number of programs--programs that are whole in and of themselves, but are also fully open to mix and match.

This flexibility on our part usually creates a broad enough mix that some (and at times all) of what you'll do down here is of value to your employer or to your professional development. If you're doing formal class work, then some or all of your work with us is of value to your educational institution.

What results is that CEUs and independent college study are easy to write.

And, of course, the Pima Community College credit courses that you take 100% at our school (not hybrid) don't have to be written up. They're ready and waiting for you.


Contact us:

by Email:
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by Phone:
(415) 939-4388
This is our San Francisco number. It rings right through to us in Veracruz at no cost to you.

The School's Mexico Address
The Language Immersion School
Calle Alacio Pérez #61
Col. R. Flores Magón
Veracruz, Ver. Mexico
C.P. 91900
Within Mexico (229) 931-4716,
Within Mexico Cellular (229) 207-1929

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Here's a copy and paste link you can use ( to contact the Department Chair at Pima College who coordinates our Pima Credits

And here's a copy and paste link to Pima Community College, Tucson, Arizona

a view of the old fort of San Juan de Ulua

Preparing to cook the meat for tacos al pastor

Making Tacos al Pastor

Continuing Education Units, CEUs

  • We will work with your employer or certification body to write a CEU plan for you to accomplish while studying with us.
  • Requirements vary greatly from organization to organization. Working directly with your employer or certification body assures the CEUs we award will be accepted.
  • We are always happy to individualize design so the CEU plan will be fully in keeping with your specific interests and needs.

College Credit through Pima Community College

  • Pima courses are coordinated by Patricia Houston (, and she'll be your point of contact at Pima.
  • Available to you are two Spanish course listings through Pima College for which all work is done down here at our school, and certain other course listings that you can take as hybrid courses. Hybrid courses require a mix of work here in our school and some additional work via the internet directly with a member of the Spanish faculty at Pima College.
  • Spanish 106 requires a two week stay, and awards three credit hours. The content requirement of Spanish 106 is fully met by our Business Intensive Spanish and Conversation Intensive programs. Slight variation of activities makes Mexican Cooking and Mexcio Family Vacation comply with the Spanish 106 requirements, and we're always ready to be flexible to maximize the value to you of your study-stay with us.
  • Spanish 051 requires a one week stay, and awards two credit hours. All of our programs more than fully meet the Spanish 051 requirements.
  • Hybrid courses can allow the basic first four semesters of Spanish, and can allow custom designed content under independent study. The first four semesters of Spanish are 4 credit hour courses. Independent study is written around 1 credit hour segments.
  • We work with you and Pima's faculty ( to arrange for hybrid courses. Your instructor of record and ultimate authority for course design is the Pima faculty member.

College Credit through an Institution of Your Choice

  • If you currently are a full-time or part-time student, we are very happy to work with your instutition. We serve you and your school as an instrument of independent study.
  • We will work directly with you and the college's faculty helping to write a program of independent study specifically addressing your needs. The result is that your educational growth is fully in keeping with your educational goals.
  • We can work with your college for undergraduate or graduate level courses.
  • We, the owner-operators of the school, are college math instructors. Additionally we are both secondary certified in multiple disciplines.

Areas you may wish to consider

  • If the Pima College courses meet your needs, they are a great way to go.
  • But if you need a specialized program, that's not a problem because all of our basic programs are content rich to the point that CEUs and College Credits can be written around them.
  • Spanish study in many forms can be forged into CEU or Credit work.
  • Multicultural studies can center on schooling, business, government and etc.
  • Marine studies of the Veracruz Coral Reef can be undertaken
  • Study can be developed around any of the extra curricular activities available in the Veracurz area.

Our Six Basic Programs

  • Intensive Business Spanish
  • Intensive Conversational Spanish
  • Cultural Tourism with Survival Spanish
  • Mexican Cooking and Spanish Study
  • Family Mexico Vacation and Spanish Study
  • Intensive English for Native Spanish Speakers


Here are some out-of-school lessons you might want to consider. All of it happens in Spanish, and so all of it contributes to you language development. And depending on our own life situation, these may be grounds for CEUs or College Credits.

  • Guitar, Harp, or lessons on other local musical instruments (including voice)
  • Guitar making
  • Ballet Folklórico
  • Gym with a personal trainer
  • Scuba (your Spanish skill must be strong enough that this is safe)


You have great control over your CEU or College Credit Design

In keeping with the philosophy of life-long learning, we are always happy to work with a mix and match of disciplines in order to help provide the most useful, most interesting, and most valuable learning experience possible.


Veracruz, the city, is located in the state of Veracruz. Here's a look around.  
Veracruz, the city
Veracruz, the state
The University of Veracruz
The Symphonic Orchesta of Xalapa
The Aquarium of Veracruz
Veracruz Magazzine
Mountain and glacier climbing
Scuba and Snorkel (buceo y snorkel del sistema arrecifal veracruzano)

Veracruz State Map

Spam guard is a problem. If our reply isn't in your inbox promptly, please look in your spam or email us again.

Our U.S. number is  (415) 939-4388.  This is a San Francisco number that rings right through to us in Veracruz.


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