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American owned and operated. Lodging, meals, and materials are included. Come to Veracruz by plane (we'll meet you at the airport), bus, or car. Non-traditional Spanish immersion optimizes your learning in this especially safe, very friendly city.   (About Us--click here)
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July 25, 2017

As you’ve probably seen in prior notices, we (Eric and Linda Langner) closed our Language Immersion School several years ago. We’re retired and living in Paradise, living in our wonderful, traditional home in Veracruz, Mexico.

(The school name continues in Veracruz, but we are not associated with it.)

We have kept our school’s website online so that those looking at Linda’s books can see what our immersion school was like.

Linda has published 14 books. (And I, Eric, am as proud as can be of her.)

You can see Linda’s books here inside our site or on Linda’s Amazon Author Page or on LindaLangnerBooks.

Her books, in both Kindle and paperback formats, are available to everyone on

Continuing Education Contact Hours

Speak Spanish With Your Patients
and Increase Your Cultural Competence

Continuing Education Provider (#15394) under the California Board of Registered Nursing

Have you Studied Spanish but You Still Can't Speak it?

Come to Mexico and Begin Speaking Spanish Immediately.

  • Our two-week intensive immersion program is designed to get you using the Spanish you know.

  • We take all that you've learned in traditional classes and start moving you forward from there.

  • Within days you'll be talking, and by the end of the course you'll be carrying on conversations in Spanish.

  • You'll be able to obtain a patient history and understand the patient's symptoms and concerns.

  • You'll be able to provide clear care instructions.

  • You'll be able to talk with a partient's caregivers about the patient's health and healthcare needs.

  • Your cultural competence in caring for Hispanic patients will be greatly enriched. You'll learn much more about Hispanic culture. You'll be out and about talking with locals and always be actively participating in the daily life.

  • The people of Veracruz love visiting with foreigners. They are warm and welcoming people who will open their hearts to you

This course is for nurses who have studied Spanish but still aren't able to speak it.

  • Many study Spanish in a standard classroom and gain a great deal of valuable knowledge about the language, but few truly begin to speak.

  • Our non-traditional instruction along with our small group size provides a safe and encouraging setting where students begin speaking almost immediately.

  • Class is conversation oriented and is activity driven. Conversation oriented gives you lots and lots of practice speaking and listening. The many different activities prepare you to talk in a variety of situations.

  • You'll practice with many different staff members. This better prepares you to understand many different patient voices.

  • You'll have six class hours (theory) and three hours of lab. If you wish to practice more, staff is available up to an additional five hours.

  • New concepts will be explained in English so they are fully understood and immediatly they will be used in Spanish.

  • You'll have many chances to role-play direct patient care situations and also caregiver situations.

  • After hours, away from school, as you're out around town, you'll be speaking Spanish--it's all great practice, and it's 100% authentic.

If it's been a while since you studied Spanish, a lot will have slipped your mind.

  • But that's no problem at all. We'll review all the grammar you need, and we'll help you brush up on vocabulary you've forgotten.

  • We'll add all the new grammar that's needed.

  • We'll increase your general vocabulary.

  • We'll add lots of medical terminology.

  • We'll work with you on colloquial constructions your patients are likely to use.

  • We'll keep all of it focused on getting you speaking Spanish--providing nursing care in Spanish.

  • And we'll help you understand how Hispanics view health and medical care.

  • Additionally we'll help you better understand interpersonal dynamics in Hispanic culture.

  • Also we'll help you more clearly see the culture in general.

Pricing and what's included.

The price for this two week course is --- US Dollars

For two people coming together and sharing a room, the price is ----USD each.

Prices subject to change; please check with us for latest pricing.

Included are the following:

Six hours of theory and three hours of lab each day for a total of ten days.

Maximum group size of five.

Housing (air conditioned room with private bath) in the school's gracious and traditional Mexican home

Two meals a day five days a week, and snacks and "recalentados" are available,

All texts and school materials with the exception of your personal copy of 501 Spanish Verbs, and your favorite dictionary (paper or electronic),

High speed Internet access (ethernet or 802.11 b and g wireless) using your computer or ours,

Weekly laundry service (no dry cleaning or pressing),

Airport pick-up upon your arrival,

Exercise machine

And here's a list of little things always available that students tell us are charged for in some schools--drinking water, coffee and tea, fruit, popcorn, kleenex, towels for the beach, air conditioning, "reheats" (the leftovers from the day's La Comida), bus fares during outings, email computer.

Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number 15394
for 70 contact hours

Refund Policy--100% refund when notification of cancellation is received by us at least 14 days before the scheduled arrival date. Otherwise no refund.

Eric W. Langner,
The Language Immersion School
Alacio Pérez #61, Col. R. Flores Magón
Veracruz, Veracruz, Mexico 91900

Our San Francisco number is 415.939.4388. This rings through to us in Veracruz.

If you are not registered in California but your state accepts California-Approved Continuing Education Contact Hours, we will be very happy to document your successful study with us in the manner required by your State.

If you are registered in a state that requires us to be approved directly by them, let us know and we will initiate the approval request process.

Spam guard is a problem. If our reply isn't in your inbox promptly, please look in your spam or email us again.

Our U.S. number is  (415) 939-4388.  This is a San Francisco number that rings right through to us in Veracruz.


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