Spanish Immersion in Veracruz, Mexico

About Us

Linda Langner
Eric Langner

The Langauge Immersion School, Veracruz, Mexico

A number of students have suggested that we add an “About Us” page to our website. We’ve been reluctant because the site is about the happiness of Spanish, and the warmth and friendliness of the people of Veracruz and especially our staff, and about being welcomed into the culture of Mexico.

And even more it’s about you, you who come study with us, and the great improvements you make in your Spanish levels, and the fun and excitement you have actively participating in the lives of Veracruz’s peoples.

But true, it is also about us--Linda Langner, my wife, and me, Eric Langner. And more than anything it’s a love story. Linda worked in Statistical Analysis for Blue Cross Association and in Mergers and Acquisitions at Stone Container, and then worked harder and happier than ever raising Stacey and Les. I was in hospital management and related consulting work. I wanted more time to be home with Linda and our kids.

We found jobs teaching so we’d have summers off, first in Nogales, Arizona and then in Tucson. We taught in public school and transitioned to teaching only at Pima Community College. Along the way, Linda also taught at the University of Arizona. We took Spanish classes, and we loved it. We did Spanish immersion in Mexico in 1996. We were enchanted and delighted. We were swept away by the fun and happiness of Mexican Culture.

Some would say we never recovered. We say that we love being together anywhere, and that life is especially fun in the middle of anywhere and everywhere in Mexico. Mexico for us is pure happiness.

Veracruz—it’s perfect for the school and perfect for us. The people are the most open and kindest of anywhere we’ve ever been. We have the ocean and mountains and lagoons. We have the outdoor restaurants and party atmosphere of the zocalo, and there are happy families in the parks and at the beach. We have a world class symphony orchestra, mariachi groups, and norteño, and Veracruz’s own jarocho style (La Bamba is from right here). And we have fine art and folk art and beautiful ballet folklorico and dance and scuba and snorkel on the coral reef system and whitewater rivers and on and on and on.

We have over eighteen hundred new friends from around the world (whom we first met as our students), and we have countless wonderful Mexican friends.

We came to Mexico semi-retired and now work twelve-hour days and love every bit of it. We both have Master’s degrees. In addition to classroom teaching we also have taught college math classes on-line for many years. Linda is a classical pianist and served as pianist and organist at church. I’m humbled by her talent. What a treat for me to be able to sit and listen.

Together we’ve written four novels, all unsold and shelved, and a number of articles about language immersion. Together we design and maintain our own website so that we can show you, as clearly and honestly as possible, just who we are and how we view immersion school.

Together and on behalf of our staff, we invite you to join us, to come to the happiest, most enjoyable, and safest part of Mexico, and have what we hope will be among the best moments ever in all your travels.

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