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American owned and operated. Lodging, meals, and materials are included. Come to Veracruz by plane (we'll meet you at the airport), bus, or car. Non-traditional Spanish immersion optimizes your learning in this especially safe, very friendly city.   (About Us--click here)
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July 25, 2017

As you’ve probably seen in prior notices, we (Eric and Linda Langner) closed our Language Immersion School several years ago. We’re retired and living in Paradise, living in our wonderful, traditional home in Veracruz, Mexico.

(The school name continues in Veracruz, but we are not associated with it.)

We have kept our school’s website online so that those looking at Linda’s books can see what our immersion school was like.

Linda has published 14 books. (And I, Eric, am as proud as can be of her.)

You can see Linda’s books here inside our site or on Linda’s Amazon Author Page or on LindaLangnerBooks.

Her books, in both Kindle and paperback formats, are available to everyone on

Intensive English Study for Spanish Speakers
at our school on the Ocean in Veracruz, Mexico
Intensive English Writing for Spanish Speakers
Distance Learning 100% Online

There’s no need to go to the US to learn American English.

Here in beautiful Veracruz we can give you the skills and practice you need to excel at both spoken and written English.

You may have found you need English for
Letters and email
Phone calls
Business deals
Professional journal

If you’re the owner, your company may have lost a business opportunity, and if you’re an employee, you may have lost the chance for a job promotion. Here’s your chance to keep that from ever happening again.

Contact us:
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Our U.S. number is  (415) 939-4388
This is a San Franscisco number that rings right through to us in Veracruz.

The School's Mexico Address
The Language Immersion School
Calle Alacio Pérez #61
Col. R. Flores Magón
Veracruz, Ver. Mexico
C.P. 91900
(229) 931-4716,
Within Mexico Cellular (229) 207-1929

City Hall, Veracruz

Veracruz and Mexico Speaking English

English Useful for Your Career [Veracruz]
In our English classes any time we can, we focus our conversations around your work, your field, or your areas of involvement.

We do this so that you've got the most practice possible talking about what you'll talk about when you go back home. In a few minutes, we'll begin conversation with a merchant marine cadet.

We'll talk about motors, power generation, energy transfer, steam, and strengths of materials. All of it is part of his future.

With managers, we talk about management. With marketing people we talk about marketing. Whatever it is that you do, that's what we talk about. And we enjoy it.

Practicing with Americans [Veracruz]
Getting a chance to practice English with Americans is often hard to find. Here at school, many Americans come down to study Spanish, and they will always be ready to talk with you. You'll hear many different voices, and that makes for excellent practice.

Aviation English in Veracruz
Please click on Aviation English ICAO Level 4 on the navigation bar

Aviation English in the U.S.
Aviation English in San Diego, California studying with Aviation Linguatec, ICAO English Proficiency Training

Ocean Going Tugboat

Getting Ready for the Carnaval Parade

A Family at the Ocean

Intensive English Writing for Spanish Speakers

  • Online classroom
    • Our instructors have extensive experience in online teaching (distance learning by computer). They've taught college level online courses for six U.S. universities.
    • Online allows you to do class work when it fits your schedule. Asynchronous teaching puts no time constraints on your participation.
    • All instruction given by Native English Speakers.
  • Immediately Useful Writing Skills
    • Instruction is designed to best fit each student, and so you'll immediately be working on writing that helps with your professional needs.
    • All instruction is individual, and all work is confidential.
    • Quantity of coursework and duration of courses varies depending upon the students needs.
  • Help with the Spoken Portion of Written Presentations
    • Be it giving a paper at an academic or professional conference, presenting the spoken portion of a sales presentation, or one of many other occasions, we help you with the spoken portion of the presentation
    • We review you presentation for grammatical and colloquial correctness and clear and effective communication
    • Using VoIP, we give you guided speaking practice for your presentation helping with pronunciation, accent, intonation, pacing, and modulation.

Intensive English Study for Spanish Speakers

  • Conversation
    • Learning English isn’t of much value until you’re able to talk. Our primary focus is to build your conversational ability while giving strong attention to developing your pronunciation. In the safe and fun-filled environment of our classes, your ability to communicate in English will rise quickly. We've also had exceptional success in very quickly improving the writing skills of our clients.
  • Grammar, Usage, and Vocabulary
    • You’ll build your grammar, and usage skills as well as your vocabulary, and we’ll pay particular attention to the usage and vocabulary you need in your profession.
  • Our Staff
    • All advanced levels are taught by native English speakers. At times, when technical or experiential condition mandate, highly capable instructors who have mastered English as a second langauge aid in instruction.
    • Beginning and intermediate levels are taught by a mix of native English speakers and highly capable instructors and assistants who have mastered English as a second langauge. This blend of backgrounds helps beginning and intermediate students to understand grammar and sentence structure more easily and more rapidly. The accent and pronunciation in the school is standard American English.
    • If what you need is to take the TOEFL or TOEIC tests, we will individualize instruction to build upon your background. We’ll review what you already know and teach the material that is new to you.
    • TOEIC is the Test of English for International Communication and when you pass the test you will receive a certificate. To learn about this international certificate you can go to
    • TOEFL is the Test of English as a Foreign Language and when you pass the test you will receive a certificate. To learn about this certificate you can go to
  • Two Schedules to meet the needs of your busy lives
    • We make English immersion available in a weekend package and in an evening package. Weekend immersion is for six hours on Saturday and six on Sunday and runs for three weeks. Evening immersion is three hours four nights a week and also runs for three weeks.

Our Prices for our Intensive English Study are the same as our prices for Intensive Spanish Study (see our Prices page).

  • For our Intensive English Study, if you're from outside of Veracruz or even from outside of Mexico, you may have a package similar to the Spanish immersion package or a classes only package. If you do live in Veracruz, you may have a classes only package.
  • For the price of Aviation English please contact us. The price for Aviation English is not the same as the price for our Intensive English Study.

For our Intensive English Writing program please contact us by email or telephone.

  • The delivery of our online Intensive English Writing program does not depend on where you live.

If you're from far away and staying with us, here are some things you might want to do.
scuba diving the coral reefs
snorkeling the coral reefs
swimming in the Gulf
whitewater rafting
mountain and glacier climbing
ocean kayaking
visiting archaeological ruins
visiting out of the way places
boating on the Gulf of Mexico
deep sea fishing
road and mountain biking

If you're from elsewhere and staying with us, here are some outside of school lessons you may want to take.
Playing Guitar, Harp, and other musical instruments
Guitar making
Ballet Folklórico de Veracruz and other regions
Gym with a personal trainer in Spanish
Scuba if your Spanish is strong enough

Veracruz, the city, is located in the state of Veracruz. Here's a look around.
Veracruz, the city
Veracruz, the state
The University of Veracruz
The Symphonic Orchesta of Xalapa
The Aquarium of Veracruz
Veracruz Magazzine
Mountain and glacier climbing
Scuba and Snorkel the Coral Reef

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Our U.S. number is  (415) 939-4388.  This is a San Francisco number that rings right through to us in Veracruz.


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