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By Caroline, “Escape the dreary English winter and enjoy the delights of ‘real’ Mexico”, [Veracruz]

By Kim, “I did not expect all that I received…”, [Veracruz]

By Brian, “Last month was one of the most happy times in my life”, [Mexico]

By Rex, “Top-flight teachers, a quality program, and…”, [Veracruz]

By Lori, Not only do they teach Spanish, they share a part of themselves…, [Veracruz]

By Ruthie, “But Now I Know Firsthand That There Is No Need To Be Worried About Safety.” [Veracruz]

By Ruthie, Things I loved about the Spanish Immersion School in Veracruz, [Veracruz]

By Tom, “I will be clear- Veracruz was an incredibly safe city to visit.” [Veracruz]

By Sister Jude Ellen, "I would recommend your school to anyone..., [Veracruz]

By Pleun, “You are so right, Veracruz IS SAFE., [Veracruz]

By Britta, “Never did I feel my safety was compromised.”, [Veracruz]

By Lorna, “Our Family Just Returned from Spending 3 Weeks in Veracruz…, [Veracruz]

By Terry, “I felt very safe in the city walking around town at night.” [Veracruz]

By Elan, “…another wonderful session @ LIS.” [Veracruz]

By Bob {Kody's father}, Good morning Linda/Eric, [Veracruz]

By Cindy, “I never had to worry about feeling foolish…”, [Veracruz]

By Rob, “…it is ‘buenísima!’”, [Veracruz]

By Karen, “Your Unique Approach Was Fantastic…”, [Veracruz]

By Isolde, “…The Breakthrough I Was Looking For…”, [Veracruz]

By Marie, “…and wake up in Veracruz.”, [Veracruz]

By Michael, “…Our Week and a Half with You Gave Me the Leap Forward I Needed…” [Veracruz]

By Carmel, “I was able to chat...”, [Veracruz]

By Jerry and Mary Jo, “Your methods are the most effective I have ever experienced…” [Veracruz]

By Jan and Douglas, “It Is a Wonderful Program Which Blends Many Styles of Teaching.” [Veracruz]

By Jim, “…I learned so much in such a short time…” [Veracruz]

By Robert and Allison, “…is the best we have seen for practicing Spanish outside of class.” [Mexico]

By Garnet and Muffy, “It turned out to be one of those decisions that we feel very fortunate to have made.”, [Mexico]

By Debra, "Over the Top", [Veracruz]

By Vic, "The Accommodations Were Excellent...", [Veracruz]

By Geoff, “Don’t let the casual atmosphere fool you; the program {they} crafted is exceptionally well thought out.”, [Veracruz]

By Roxanne, “I realized everything had improved enormously, my speaking, reading, writing, everything.”, [Veracruz]

By Mette Line and Claus, “…getting to experience the town and Mexican culture through the eye of a local.”, [Veracruz]

By Darrell, “I’d taken college classes…, but I was not able to speak...”, [Veracruz]

By Billye and Vela, “…never missing an opportunity to teach.”, [Veracruz]

By Joe III, “…you could spend a lifetime exploring all the places around Veracruz.”, [Mexico]

By Bob, “I have never felt as at home…”, [Veracruz]

By Rosemary, "In other words, the experience was great!", [Veracruz]

By Stephanie, “I Received a Customized Program Based on My Needs.” [Veracruz]

By Gabrielle, “The Instructors Are Competent, Kind and Perceptive…”, [Veracruz]

By Steve, "They are a credit to the language school, their families and their wonderful country.", [Veracruz]

By Anna, The Adventure to La Mancha, [Mexico]

By Shannon, “I Got Exactly What I Wanted and Needed”, [Mexico]

By Michael, “Dad, I just spoke nothing but Spanish in the past two stores and I understood them and they understood me!”, [Veracruz]

By Michelle, “…you and the staff have been my family and caretakers…”, [Veracruz]

By John Harper, Endorsement from John Harper, [Veracruz]

By Kim, “Your concept of a language school is truly genius.” [Veracruz]

By Dessie, “I couldn’t bear to leave..., so I stayed an additional week.” [Veracruz]

By Kelly, “…significantly increasing our Spanish speaking ability.” [Veracruz]

By Elan, “Another great strength of your program is the willingness to personalize the teaching…” [Veracruz]

By Helen, “It Far Exceeded My Expectations.” [Veracruz]

By Gary and Sheila, Huatusco—for a Great Weekend, [Mexico]

By Mead, “Never in All My Schooling Have I Ever Made Such a Wonderful Choice.” [Veracruz]

Bob and Ami, “The Reports Are True--We Learned a Lot!” [Veracruz]

By Larry, "One of Our Best Vacations Ever," [Mexico]

By Danielle, "You Thought of Everything," [Veracruz]

By Morgan, If This Were Jeopardy, “What Is XOCONOSTLE?” Would Be Your Answer. [Veracruz]

By Jerry, "This Was the Best School I Have Experienced," [Veracruz]

By Terry, "An Experience of a Lifetime!", [Mexico]

By Matt, A Student's Take on the School, [Veracruz]

By Mickey, From a Student, a Cryptic Note That Speaks Volumes, [Mexico]

By Dave, A Businessman Says, "Extraordinary...Absolutley Great...," and More, [Veracruz]

By Hatti, A Vegetarian Talks about Our Food, [Veracruz]

By Danica and her 5 Children, Five Great Kids Speak Up, [Veracruz]

By Bill, A Student Talks about Our Toilets, [Mexico]

By Bill, Letter from a Student Who Has Studied in Several Immersion Schools, [Veracruz]

By Gary and Sheila, "Hi Linda and Eric," [Veracruz]

By Bob,"Self-Actualization", Says a Student, [Mexico]

By Sue,"Location, Location, Location"--A Student's Comments, [Veracruz]

By Charles, He Said We Should. But We Didn't, and We Won't. [Veracruz]

By Annie, A Letter from a Family, [Mexico]

By Lia, Letter from a 10 Year Old Student, [Mexico]

By Louise, In One Week's time, [Veracruz]

By Tom,"A Rapid Infusion," [Veracruz]

By Vicki and Kjell, "Thank You for Another Great Learning Experience," [Veracruz]

By José Antonio, A Letter in Spanish, [Veracruz]

By Darrell, Two Weeks Down Here and then a Big Sale Back Home, [Mexico]

By Rick, RID--Reflexive, Indirect, Direct, [Veracruz]

By Bonnie, A Superintendent of Schools Reviews Us, [Veracruz]

By Armando, También Enseñamos Inglés [Mexico]

Testimonials and Recommendations


“Escape the dreary English winter and enjoy the delights of ‘real’ Mexico”

{Here’s Caroline’s message to us.}
Hi Linda

I am attaching a copy letter which I sent to the Sunday Telegraph (a national paper with a very wide circulation) in response to a request for tips and recommendations for travel to Mexico.

To my amazement it was published today!

We're off to Chile on Thursday can't wait!

My Spanish teacher is very impressed by my fluency and I'm working hard to keep it up - I've been going to Language Cafés at Plymouth University to speak with Spaniards living here - good fun.

Caroline T.

{These are Caroline’s words about us that were printed in the Sunday Telegraph}
Subject: Mexico Language Immersion School Veracruz

Improve your Spanish, escape the dreary English winter and enjoy the delights of "real" Mexico in safe but vibrant Veracruz.

The very reasonable Immersion School is staffed by young enthusiastic university students or recent graduates.

Four hours of individual or one to two classes are broken up by two hours exploring the city with a Spanish speaker - visiting markets, museums, cafés or just wandering along the waterfront watching the huge container ships manoeuvering in and out of the busy port.

Weekly field trips using local buses explored ancient cities, deserted beaches, rivers teaming with wildlife and varied countryside.

Evenings and weekends were free to experience the warmth of Veracruz - boat trips, impromptu musical performances everywhere including rather alarmingly a mouth organ playing taxi driver, watching locals at leisure and savouring the mouthwatering food - all in blue skies and sunshine. A perfect way to spend January.
by Caroline, Mar 13, 2014
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Testimonials and Recommendations


“I did not expect all that I received…”

What can I say about the Language Immersion School in Veracruz... AWESOME

The staff was great, they are native speakers, very kind, you felt like each one was your best friend.. They were there always ready to help you with your Spanish either speaking or if you had a problem they would be willing to help you through it.. I can’t say enough about them..

The food was great, authentic Mexican food.. made fresh at the school.. The school was very comfortable.. it has all the accommodations you need.

I learned I think just about all I could about the Spanish language.. now it is up to me.

Once a week they took us on a field trip to different places.. amazing.. I did not expect all that I received.. all included..

My trip there was more than learning Spanish, I learned my way around, hopped on buses and got to meet some of the locals..

I never encountered anything bad, I always felt safe.

People were there in Veracruz on vacation, very busy and happy place.

I highly recommended Language Immersion School.. I hope to one day return..

Oh, and let me not forget Eric and Linda, they are the two most giving people. They will help you with anything.. and if you get stuck they are fluent in English.. smile.
by Kim, Dec 02, 2013
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Testimonials and Recommendations


“Last month was one of the most happy times in my life”

I want to thank you both for creating such an amazing program for Spanish immersion. I can say now without a doubt that the program paid off big time for me. Last month {the month Brian was here with us at school} was one of the most happy times in my life and this continues now in Mexico City.

I got to Mexico City Saturday afternoon and have spoken non-stop Spanish with my friends, colleagues, and even strangers. Yes, I have made some funny mistakes here and there and sometimes I don't quite understand fully what is going on.

But, let me tell you this. Normally when I visit my friend and colleague Angelica, our conversations turn quickly from Spanish to English. My first night in her house with her boyfriend was all in Spanish. Then next morning she said,” OK I will speak to you in English and you can speak to me in Spanish.” I thought "Oh no, here we go again". Well, her English lasted only a portion of the morning and she turned to Spanish and we spent the rest of the morning and the day touring around museums in Mexico City speaking only in Spanish.

I am off to Colima early tomorrow morning. I am headed there to meet with another colleague to plan a new project. I do not doubt that he'll be impressed with my ability to speak and comprehend Spanish.

Also, I will note that a colleague of mine here said something like "Oh you speak Spanish now" (well in Spanish that is). Others have complimented me too on my abilities.

OK, last note. Tonight Angelica and I watched a French movie dubbed in Spanish. I was able to get the gist of the film. How about that?

I want to especially commend your staff. They are all incredible teachers, each in their own special way.

I love Angelica because she was so easy to talk to and brought out the most conversation in me. Rafa is the cool guy that I loved to joke around with. Ana is beyond patient and really good at mixing it up during the lessons. Danny is so friendly and I know he cares deeply about the success of his students. Paula is super funny and too really cared to make sure I was improving over my time in Veracruz, plus she taught me to make tortillas by hand.

Jorge is the serious intellectual…I think I learned equally as much from him about the properties concrete and that of bridge construction (all in Spanish of course) as I did about the subjunctive. Denise is also very caring and I will never forget my first morning with her wandering around the city. Margo, while very timid, also helped me...I wanted so much to talk with her that I went out of my way to really try hard. Lastly, Jacky is one of the sweetest kids I have meet...with time I think she will grow into a super teacher, her heart is absolutely in the right place.

Pues, necessito dormir. Vamos a Colima muy temprano (a las cinco de la manana). ¡Muchas gracias por todo!

Nos vemos
by Brian, July 18, 2013
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Testimonials and Recommendations


“Top-flight teachers, a quality program, and…”

Here’s what I got. Best part is, it's all true:

The low-down: Top-flight teachers, a quality program, and a no-hassle environment one block from the beach.

The Spanish Immersion program worked for me for two reasons: the quality of the teachers and the simple, straightforward program for getting the student to talk and experience the language all the time.

The teachers seem to be university students or recent graduates who are the cream of the regional university system. They are very knowledgeable about how the language works and how students learn. There is something magic about the way they are able to mix language learning with good conversation. As I said, they seem to be the cream of the regional universities.

This school has found the right balance of more traditional classroom exercises (which for me were always one-on-one at Spanish Immersion) and activities that get you out and about (and speaking more) in the hidden gem that is Veracruz city.

The evening talks were some of the most productive times for me. You have three hours (6-9pm) to speak with a "charlante" – someone who is trained to help you with your conversational Spanish and is good at keeping the conversation moving. It was a great way to revisit and practice the lessons learned earlier, and it’s just great to have the full attention of a good conversationalist in the language you want to speak, even if everything isn't "quite there yet" in your knowledge of Spanish.

Thursdays: your choice of trips to regional sites, museums, and beaches are strictly no-hassle and included in the price (including transport and visit with a teacher who is happy to keep you talking while she/he navigates the transport and the visit).

There are other extras: a real kitchen, with a big fridge if you feel like buying and cooking. I did the second week I was there and it worked great. Did I mention Veracruz food? The beach? The tropics?
by Rex, July 13, 2013
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Testimonials and Recommendations


Not only do they teach Spanish, they share a part of themselves…

Dearest Linda and Eric,

I’m sorry we missed each other before I left early Saturday. I had the most wonderful time in your school and will always remember my experience there with fondness.

Your teachers, each and every one of them, are exceptional. Not only do they teach Spanish, they share a part of themselves in the process allowing for a much more personal experience. The daily outings and weekly field trips allow a more intimate relationship between learning a new language and using it with native speakers. The history of Veracruz is fascinating and seeing the museums and other sites brought the whole experience together for me.

Both of you bring an excitement to the learning process and I felt I had cheerleaders in my corner with each class. Your spirit of goodness and kindness was freely shared with all of us. I also felt fortunate to have had a cohesive group of classmates. We laughed a little about our first week of dependency and the second week of unsupervised trips to town. We all grew in ways not expected I think.

Thank you for everything. I would love to come back for another two weeks and will let you know as soon as I’m able.
by Lori, June 6, 2013
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Testimonials and Recommendations


“But Now I Know Firsthand That There Is No Need To Be Worried About Safety.”

My husband, daughter and I just returned from 3 wonderful weeks at the Spanish Immersion School in Veracruz.

Before booking the trip we had been concerned about safety so we had been hesitant about going.

But now I know firsthand that there is no need to be worried about safety.

We never once felt unsafe while we were there and we travelled by bus, taxi and also did lots of walking.

We walked to the small markets close by. All we encountered were friendly people.

Of course, we had to also use common sense as we always do when we travel but we never felt unsafe.

I am so glad that we had gone and we will certainly return to the Immersion School.
by Ruthie, Mar 7, 2013
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Testimonials and Recommendations


Things I loved about the Spanish Immersion School in Veracruz

Linda & Eric run a very good school. It is so well organized. They have thought of everything:
  • 1) You are picked up at the airport when you arrive so there are no worries about coming to a strange airport and not knowing where to go and how to get there.

  • 2) We appreciated being able to live right at the school. Each room has a private bathroom. This was such a good feature as we could go to our room whenever we needed to.

  • 3) Tuition covers most things. They have thought of everything. Tuition includes breakfast, a good substantial lunch, taxi fare and/or bus fare for all fieldtrips, and weekly laundry service. It also includes weekly housekeeping and sheet changes.

  • 4) Small class size. Usually 1-2 persons per teacher.

  • 5) Fieldtrips: Daily “out and about” trips with a charlante to practice your Spanish in a practical situation away from just classroom learning. And a full day fieldtrip to an interesting location each Thursday.

  • 6) The staff is exceptional. Each one is so kind, caring and helpful. We got to know them so well while we were there and felt sad when we had to leave at the end of our 3 weeks.

  • 7) We had access to bottled water at all times.

  • 8) We appreciated having a teacher “on sofa duty“ until 9 pm Monday-Friday. We would often get the extra help we needed at that time.

  • 9) Small local markets were close by so we could pick up fresh fruits and vegetables for a light snack in the evenings. There is a student kitchen complete with a fridge, stove (if needed) and dishes.
We would most certainly recommend this school if you’ve been wanting to learn Spanish. We are already planning to return. by Ruthie, Feb 24, 2013
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Testimonials and Recommendations


“I will be clear- Veracruz was an incredibly safe city to visit.”

I wanted to write to thank you for all of the hospitality you showed me when I was staying with you. You run a first rate program and it was clear at every step of the way how dedicated you are to helping people learn Spanish. According to the most important judge of all, my girlfriend, my Spanish has improved a lot for staying with you.

Please convey my thanks to all of your staff; I had a great time getting to know all of them. Having such friendly, easy-going people made practicing Spanish a lot better, and I am missing Veracruz a lot.

You asked me to write about the safety situation in Veracruz. I will be clear- Veracruz was an incredibly safe city to visit. I was out by myself in the city late at night many times, and I never felt in danger once. Veracruz had many joggers out by themselves late night, there were women who were by themselves, there were families with kids walking around.... This is something you just don't see in dangerous cities.

I never saw any problems from the drug war that is affecting other parts of Mexico. To make a comparison with the United States- the city of Washington, DC where I live is much more dangerous than Veracruz. I would rate the safety of the Veracruz to be about the same as an upscale suburb in the United States.

If any other prospective students want to ask me regarding the safety of Veracruz, feel free to put me in contact with them and I will be happy to answer any of their questions.

Thank you so much for your hospitality. Que tengan mucho exito con su escuela.
by Tom, May 26, 2012
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Testimonials and Recommendations


"I would recommend your school to anyone..."

I wanted to let everyone know how much I enjoyed my time in Veracruz.

I have just returned from Latin America and the extra personal help that I received at the Spanish Immersion school enabled me to communicate with the sisters at a much deeper level.

I would recommend your school to anyone who wants to have an exceptional experience learning Spanish.

The entire time that I was with you I felt safe and my needs were always considered.

Thank you from the bottom of my bottomless heart.

Love and prayers
by Sister Jude Ellen, May 22, 2012
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Testimonials and Recommendations


“You are so right, Veracruz IS SAFE.”

You are so right, Veracruz IS SAFE. It seems silly to write something about the safety here, there is just nothing more to say. From the moment we set foot in Veracruz I have felt safe.

Before we came out, we heard a lot of scary stories about crime and hijacking. Since I have been here, I have learned this applies to other areas in Mexico. Veracruz seems to be a town like any other in Holland {Pleun’s homeland} or the US. I just follow what the locals do. I see women hailing taxis from the street by themselves, therefore so do I.

These taxi rides prove a great way to practice Spanish. The scariest thing to me here is that the police carry these huge guns, but in a strange way that also makes me feel very safe.

I would definitely recommend Veracruz to anyone. By the way, the same goes for your school. It was a huge help in learning Spanish and what I learned in those two weeks has proven very useful in the two months since then. We love being in Veracruz and the people here are extremely nice and willing to practice all day long if you want to.

The statements on your website are absolutely true.
by Pleun, Apr 10, 2012
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Testimonials and Recommendations


“Never did I feel my safety was compromised.”

I recently spent nine days at the Language Immersion School in Veracruz. This was my second time to the school and once again I was not disappointed!

The school is very well run, the language lessons thorough and catered well to each student's needs. The staff is caring and kind and there is a wonderful family feel that develops between fellow students and staff. Veracruz is a wonderful city and the best for learning spanish.

The local people are so kind and eager to engage with the students.

The city is family orientated and safe.

This visit I was there for the Carnaval preparations as well as three days of Carnaval. This is an enormous event that the city plans all year for. This was a once in a lifetime experience!

Never did I feel my safety was compromised.

I will be back to this school because of the staff, the school, the lessons and the progress I make with my Spanish.

Veracruz is the best and I highly recommend this trip!
by Britta, Mar 27, 2012
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Testimonials and Recommendations


“Our Family Just Returned from Spending 3 Weeks in Veracruz…”

Our family just returned from spending 3 weeks in Veracruz with the Language Immersion School. Before we went, we would tell people where we were planning to go and hear horror story after horror story about why we should not go to Mexico, let alone take our daughters (ages 10 and 11) with us.

I am SO glad that we were able to go and did not let fear stop us. This was a "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity that we hope very much to repeat.

In early February, we watched as the U.S. Department of State upgraded the travel warnings for several states in Mexico just days before we were to depart; many were given "suspend all non-essential travel" warnings. I finally came up with an illustration to help my well-meaning friends and relatives understand. If there were riots in L.A. and/or New York, it would be ridiculous to tell everyone to stay away from our home state of Idaho.

When our 3 weeks were over, I didn't want to leave of course, that may be because I didn't have to cook, clean or do laundry for 3 weeks - I really miss that famous fresh-squeezed OJ every morning. I was free to study, learn, converse, see the sights, and relax. My expectations may have been a little too high; hoping to be fluent or nearly so in such a short time, but now that I have returned, I am realizing how very much I did learn.

The teachers were amazing! Friendly, patient, and fun.

Our side trip to Chiapas in the midst of our time was good, but exhausting. When we returned to the school, my 10 year old proclaimed, "Wow! It's good to be home!" When she realized what she had said she quickly added, "-ish."

Wow! The beach, ancient ruins, marimba lessons, dolphin shows, sunshine, tortas, the zocalo, etc . . . . all while learning Spanish. You just can't beat that!
by Lorna, Mar 21, 2012
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Testimonials and Recommendations


“I felt very safe in the city walking around town at night.”

My time at the Language Immersion School in Veracruz was my second language-school experience and my sixth international experience, and it was the best of all.

The school staff was dedicated to helping me reach my goals for my time in Veracruz both in and out of the classroom.

I felt very safe in the city walking around town at night and this is the first time I have felt comfortable using public transportation on my own in another country.

This was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone!
by Terry, Dec 10, 2011
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“…another wonderful session @ LIS.”

Thanks again for another wonderful session @ LIS.

This time, with a base {gained last time}, I was able to better feel the progress and see results. I was even able to have a good back and forth conversation with the taxi driver yesterday morning.

I wish I had had more time there.

Thank you for all that you did for us and for helping Talia {Elan’s daughter} with fine-tuning in her studies this week.

Barb {Elan’s wife} and I are already talking about when we will both be able to come back to school there.
by Elan, Oct 6, 2011
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Good morning Linda/Eric

Kody made it home safe and sound.

I just wanted to thank you again for providing such a great service. He had the time of his life.

I was very happy how well he is speaking and jealous too. LOL.

He told many stories and went on and on about how nice everyone was and how funny Eric is. That the lady who did most of the cooking sorry can't remember what he said her name was felt like his mom the whole time he was there. That he made great friends that he really thinks he will keep throughout life.

Again I am so happy I was able to provide this for him and that you guys made it the best it could be for him.

I will do my best to help promote your school and Veracruz. Take care.
by Bob {Kody's father}, Sept 28, 2011
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Testimonials and Recommendations


“I never had to worry about feeling foolish…”

First I want to thank you for a great two weeks. Everything exceeded all my expectations.

The accommodations were clean and comfortable, the food delicious and the service impeccable.

The individualized classes, out and abouts, field trips were educational, interesting, and fun. The maestros and charlantes were knowledgable and extremely helpful.

Most of all, I appreciated the kindness and friendliness of the people.

Everyone went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. I never had to worry about feeling foolish about my language abilities.

I will be sure to share these sentiments with my coworkers and friends at home.
by Cindy, Aug 8, 2011
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“…it is ‘buenísima!’”

I was so impressed by their program two years ago that I returned for another installment.

I had thought the program was perfect.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that the school has gotten even better, that the back then already high quality of the instruction is now even higher.

It was great before, and now it is “buenísima!”
by Rob, May/14/2011
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Testimonials and Recommendations


“Your Unique Approach Was Fantastic…”

I have just arrived back in Australia after travelling around USA for a month, following my one week at the Spanish school in December. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my time at your school. Your unique approach was fantastic with the constant opportunity to practice speaking Spanish with your staff, the out and about labs, the opportunity to event cultural events such as the guitar concert, and the field trips. All your staff are so warm and friendly – it was a pleasure taking lessons with them.

Although I was only there for a week, I felt my Spanish really improved in that week. I hope to return some time in the near future, and hope I can stay for longer when I do.
by Karen, Jan/16/2011
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Testimonials and Recommendations


“…The Breakthrough I Was Looking For…”

I have just returned from a week at your Language Immersion School in Veracruz and wanted to let you know how valuable I found the experience. I really feel that I made the breakthrough I was looking for with my use and understanding of the future and the two past tenses. Angelica, my main instructor was patient and easy to understand, her teaching methods are excellent.

I found the experience of staying in the school and interacting with your instructors great practice and meeting the other students interesting. It also gave us the freedom to spend time alone and your internet connectivity allowed me to even do some work and stay in touch with the USA.

We also enjoyed our day out to the pyramids and Angelica was a great guide, our trip to the Aquarium with Jonathan was also a great experience; the Aquarium is much bigger than I expected and Jonathan was extremely knowledgeable.

Finally I have to thank you for making my birthday so special and Mexican, I have never had a piñata before, it’s great to have new experiences at my age, it makes me feel like red wine, improving with age.
by Isolde, Dec/14/2010
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“…and wake up in Veracruz.”

I made it back to Wisconsin in one piece, but I think I left a part of my heart in Veracruz! It’s just a different environment up here and I don’t think anything can compare to my 3 weeks at your school. I feel like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, except I want to click my heels and wake up in Veracruz. by Marie, Sept/03/2010
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“…Our Week and a Half with You Gave Me the Leap Forward I Needed…”

We got home late last night and talked a lot on our return trip about what a marvelous experience we had.

You have created a special school there in Veracruz with very special people. We all learned a lot, laughed a lot and made some wonderful friends. We thank you and your team for everything.

I had my first chance to try out my Spanish here in the States this morning and the guys could really tell a difference.

I have a long way to go but our week and a half with you gave me the leap forward I needed to advance my Spanish skills.

We hope to return again, with both boys next time.

by Michael V., July/16/2010

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Testimonials and Recommendations


“I was able to chat...”

I had a very, very good experience at your school and really wish I had more time. Maybe in September I may be able to return before my job starts.

On the ride to the airport I was able to chat with the taxi driver the entire time. I understood about 90% of what he was saying (had to ask him to slow down!) and he understood me. I was so elated that I was able to do that in only 5 days!

Imagine what I could do with an additional week!

Please say hello to everyone for me .....I miss them...they are absolutely wonderful people!!
by Carmel, June/01/2010
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Testimonials and Recommendations


“Your methods are the most effective I have ever experienced…”

I wanted to thank you for providing Mary Jo and me a wonderful experience at your school and in and around Veracruz.

You and your staff really made us feel at home. Your facility is great, your staff is wonderful and your teaching methods are very effective.

As a graduate with a degree in linguistics from the University of California, San Diego, I have experienced a multitude of language teaching methods, including Berlitz. Your methods are the most effective I have ever experienced, and I had a lot of fun learning.

I speak Spanish with several of my staff members here in San Diego, and they were amazed at how much I progressed in just one week.

We are already looking at next year’s calendar and plan to come to the school for 2-3 weeks next time.
by Jerry and Mary Jo, Mar/30/2010
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Testimonials and Recommendations


“It Is a Wonderful Program Which Blends Many Styles of Teaching.”

Our time spent at your school met—and exceeded—all of our expectations.

It is a wonderful program which blends many styles of teaching.

We felt that we learned a great deal, enjoyed all the activities and found the teachers/staff just wonderful. Staying at the school was perfect as it allowed us to interact with the other students, gave us plenty of additional opportunity to practice our Spanish in the evenings and even allowed us to play a game or two of Scrabble in Spanish!

And let's not forget the food - it was delicious.

We certainly would highly recommend your program.

Thanks for all the work you put into making the school so special.
by Jan and Douglas, Feb/18/2010
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“…I learned so much in such a short time…”

I really enjoyed studying Spanish at your school. I started knowing only a couple of words of Spanish, but felt I learned so much in such a short time (2 weeks).

I would recommend your program to anyone. I thought being able to live at the school and interact with the other students was a definite advantage. Great instructors (Nayeli was perfect for a beginner like me), helpful school staff and a well-designed program.

The school met all my expectations and delivered exactly what was promised.
by Jim A, Feb/17/2010
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“…is the best we have seen for practicing Spanish outside of class”

We wanted to tell you what a good time we had at your school. We have been to other language schools in Mexico and the way you have things set up is the best we have seen for practicing Spanish outside of class.

There was always a Spanish speaker at every table during meals. After class until 9pm and on weekends there was always someone in the lounge to chat with, answer our questions and correct our mistakes.

The mid-day outings in town and the longer Thursday excursions were also excellent opportunities to speak with someone who could give us lots of feedback and help.

We appreciated the way you kept an eye on our progress, making sure that we were getting what we wanted out of our class time.

Our teachers were all excellent and we especially enjoyed the week we spent with Eric and Paula on the subjunctive.
by Roger and Allison, Feb/16/2010
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“It turned out to be one of those decisions that we feel very fortunate to have made.”

We originally intended to attend a Spanish Immersion School in Oaxaca as we wanted to see the city and state that we had heard so much about. The previous three schools that we had attended had all been in different parts of Mexico and all had been wonderful experiences but we were a little disappointed in the progress we had made in our attempts to speak and understand Spanish.

When I found The Language Institute website and read through it, I was impressed by several of the things which were highlighted. The small class size, the emphasis on speaking and listening rather than on grammar and the idea of having native Spanish speakers available throughout the day and into the evening with whom to practice.

I contacted the school many times over the next little while and Linda or Eric were very quick to respond with complete answers and we changed our plans and decided to spend our three weeks at the Language Institute of Veracruz rather than in Oaxaca or somewhere else. And in this case, it turned out to be one of those decisions that we feel very fortunate to have made.

The school delivered exactly what it had promised: small class size, 2 students per teacher max and for most of our stay, it was one on one; lots of conversation, all in Spanish, from early in the morning until as late in the evening as you wanted; great accommodation right at the school, close to the sea, close to the center of Veracruz; two excellent meals a day at the school with the opportunity to help with the meal preparation if you wanted to learn a little about Mexican cooking; and friendly, patient, understanding, fun teachers who wanted you to learn and improve your Spanish all the while making it a really enjoyable experience.

One of the many things that the school does to make you feel more comfortable right from the start is to provide a staff member on your arrival, in our case on a Saturday evening, who takes you out and about in the city so you very quickly feel at ease with the bus system, the location of the school, the vibrant zocalo and so on.

And we did improve. We grew much more confident in our ability to speak and our comprehension was greatly improved. So our thanks to Eric and Linda for putting together such a great program and also to Paula, Rebecka, Mari, Angelica, Ana, Margo and Jorge for helping us in our desire to continue to improve our Spanish.

We hope to see you all in the not too distant future.

Con mucho carino,
by Garnet and Muffy, Oct/29/2009
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"Over the Top"

Another resounding thank you for all the help you gave Cecil as he was learning Spanish. Not only that, but also giving us an understanding of the Mexican culture.

Your school is the best! We felt right at home during our two visits there. The individual teaching methods that you use and the "hands on" approach to learning Spanish is remarkable and the way you individualized it to his occupation was "over the top."

We were astonished at the amount of Spanish that Cecil learned in the short time we were there. This helped him tremendously while he was working in Mexico. We couldn't have done it without you!
by Debra, Sept/11/2009
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“The Accommodations Were Excellent…”

Want to say that your school was much more than I expected. The information was presented in such a personal and professional manner it was even easy for me to understand. Your staff were very helpful and extremely pleasant to be around. The accommodations were excellent and the food was wonderful. Thanks again from a gripey old guy from Texas. I look forward to returning. by Victor, Sept/10/2009
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“Don’t let the casual atmosphere fool you; the program {they} crafted is exceptionally well thought out.”

Many years ago the company I worked for hired a tutor to teach me a foreign language. Her conclusion was that I was incapable of learning a language. Now twenty-five years later I am happy to say the Language Immersion School in Veracruz has proven the tutor wrong.

I did not take a foreign language in high school or college perhaps due to my own doubts of being able to learn a language. I spend a lot of time in Spanish speaking countries and finally got tired of the helpless feeling of not being able to communicate. After the finality of the tutor’s conclusion, I approached immersion language with all the anticipation of a colonoscopy.

I searched the internet for information on immersion language schools and selected Eric and Linda’s school in Veracruz. I think what made the decision for me was being able to stay at the school instead of a home stay with a family that did not speak English. The concept of sink-or-swim education did not appeal to me since I already knew I did not speak Spanish. Also the low student to teacher ratio was attractive.

The atmosphere at the school is relaxed and low key, a bit like a youth hostel. Don’t let the casual atmosphere fool you, the program that Eric and Linda have crafted is exceptionally well thought out. It took me a few days to appreciate the tremendous effort that goes on behind the scenes. Like a top athlete they make the difficult look easy and nothing at the school happens by accident.

My time at the school was abnormally short (about 8 days) however, with the herculean efforts of Linda and Ceci, I now know I can learn Spanish. By the end of my stay I was thinking and conversing in Spanish. No one was more stunned than I. I am addicted now; as soon as I can carve a few weeks out of my schedule I am going to return to the school to continue the process.

Eric and Linda’s school could have been anywhere and I would have recommended it. I went for the Spanish and got more than I could have imagined, however, I got something else as well. The daily excursions about Veracruz gave me the confidence to hop on the bus and go anywhere.

I have been in other Spanish speaking countries but nowhere are the people as friendly as in Veracruz. I was there during the holy week and Veracruz was packed. In the entire time I never met a single rude person. (Try to say that about any US city.)

I had a great time at the local store ordering a jamon y queso bocadillo (“ham and cheese sandwich” in my trusty dictionary) only to have a local bus driver step in and help me. It turns out they make tortas not bocadillos at the local store, which I highly recommend. Then there is the Zocolo, the symphony, the marimbas, museums and on and on and, as Ceci will confirm, “Desafortunadamente, no hay zapaterias en Veracruz!”
by Geoff, May/27/2009
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“I realized everything had improved enormously, my speaking, reading, writing, everything.”

You hit a "wall" at various points in your language-learning journey, and it is easy to become discouraged and feel you're never going to "get it". But often, the experts say, this is the very time when you're learning the most.

This is what happened to me. I hadn't cracked a book in weeks {since getting back from school}, nor listened to my Spanish language music, looked over my notes from the school, or anything else.

Yet, incredibly, one day I happened to flip by a Spanish radio station, and became riveted the more I listened: my comprehension had zoomed way beyond what it had been before going to Veracruz!

As I enthusiastically threw myself back into Spanish, I realized everything had improved enormously, my speaking, reading, writing, everything.

Sentences I would have stumbled and bumbled over before, taking forever to construct a thought , now came flying out of my mouth without my having to even think about it.

Obviously, I owe this all to my 3 weeks with you in Veracruz!

So take heart, those who feel they aren't improving as they should -- you are probably just in the "jelling" period, and will soon break through your plateau and be on that next level you are striving for.
by Roxanne, Mar/16/2009
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Testimonials and Recommendations


“…getting to experience the town and Mexican culture through the eye of a local.”

We have studied at the Language Immersion School , Vera Cruz, and have the following review.

We read about the school on the internet. Interested, we e-mailed about availability, and got quick and detailed replies on all our queries, including information about the school, how to get there in a safe manner etc. All in all we got the impression that every thing was well organized, which was confirmed as we showed up. After being installed in a nice spacious room we had our first so called “outing”, which is a trip to somewhere in town or nearby with a local Mexican working at the school.

Outings are part of the teaching system, and takes place every afternoon after classes, and we enjoyed them a lot, because they provide an environment for speaking Spanish in a relaxed manner while getting to experience the town and Mexican culture through the eye of a local. The actual teaching takes place every morning, and is also very organized. The teachers are motivated and there is great flexibility with respect to the teaching form and the facilities are also good. In addition to the daily teaching and outings, there is always a Spanish speaking in the house whose job is to be available for students who wish to practice more or just have a nice chat.

Every workday, the school provides breakfast and lunch. Both meals are enjoyable, and also serve as an introduction to the Mexican kitchen. In addition, the meals are the meeting points of the day for all the students and staff and offer a good opportunity to meet foreign cultures and having a good time.

The hosts, teachers, kitchen personnel and other staff at the school are all very friendly and outgoing. The size of the school is about perfect – big enough to have good facilities and to meet other student, but small enough to be personal. In additions, Vera Cruz city is a friendly, and in our opinion, safe town, with nearly no foreign tourists, and we enjoyed running along the boardwalk on the ocean front in the mornings.

We had a very good time at the school, and can of course recommend it at all times.
by Mette Line and Claus, Denmark, Mar/03/2009
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“I’d taken college classes…, but I was not able to speak...”

I’m very happy to report on my time spent at The Language Immersion School in Veracruz, Mexico. My language learning experience was excellent, and my cultural experience was also excellent.

Linda and Eric Langner, themselves both HS and college teachers, have put together a tremendous approach to getting people speaking in Spanish. I’d taken college classes before going to Veracruz, but I was not able to speak in a comfortable and conversational manner. With only a minimal knowledge of Spanish I was able after only three days to have fun and comfortably speak Spanish with them and others I met while touring the city of Veracruz and the surrounding area.

Linda, Eric and their incredible staff present Mexico to their students in a friendly and respectful way. It allows their students to know the people of Mexico as people—it gets you thinking about how much we all are alike. I think being able to do that means as much to them as does succeeding at teaching Spanish.

Veracruz is very safe and lots of fun. Every time we went out (sometimes until one or two in the morning) something interesting happened. I went because I wanted to be able to speak Spanish for my job as the Arizona Air National Guard Recruiting Superintendent. Linda and Eric tailored my trip so that I was able to experience the things I was interested in i.e. Military History, Government and of course excellent cuisine. In addition to being a student, I turned out to be a happy tourist.

I took my 18 year old son with me. He has a great High School Spanish teacher and I was impressed with the way Eric, Linda and the staff assessed his level of experience and quickly adjusted the curriculum to meet his advanced needs in language development. He had such a wonderful time and became friends with one of our Charlantes that was assigned to us during our stay. A Charlante is (for lack of a better translation) a “talker” and goes with you during the day to keep you speaking Spanish. It was a real eye-opener for him. He’s now in college , and he’s there with fuller perspectives of life south of the border and more to talk about and think about.

I highly recommend the Langners and their language school to you.
by Darrell, Feb/09/2009
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“…never missing an opportunity to teach.”

Please convey to your wonderful staff the things that we were unable to say to them. The greatest incentive to us to learn to speak Spanish would be to understand and converse with them.

We especially appreciate those who demonstrated so much caring and concern for Vela. He will never forget them for that alone. And of course they were all such good teachers, never missing an opportunity to teach. It was a wonderful experience.

We will let you know about conversing with our waiter soon! Thanks so much for all you did to help us while there. We enjoyed our time with you so much.
by Billye and Vela, Feb/5/2009
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“…you could spend a lifetime exploring all the places around Veracruz.”

Thank you for the fine experience. I rode my motorcycle to work today and noticed my mileage was "33" IN SPANISH this time {treinte y tres} ahhhh…

I would like to plan another trip back.

I rather liked to slow-pace of life in Veracruz........Now if I just spoke better hummm. I am not ready to move or even consider retirement yet but Veracruz would be high on my list.

I looked over that photo book of the STATE of Veracruz and it seems like you could spend a lifetime exploring all the places around Veracruz.
by Joe III, Jan/25/2009
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“I have never felt as at home…”

Sometimes when I get homesick for Veracruz I go get an El Sol beer, a nice cigar and sit outside on my patio and remember those evenings when I sat at the tables at my favorite restaurant listening to the waves coming ashore and watching the traffic on the Boulevard.

I have never felt as at home as I felt while I was in Veracruz. I can’t tell you how much I would like to go right now to the Gran Café de Parroquia for coffee and plink on my glass for them to bring me some steaming milk.

Strange how my memories are tied to taste and smell.
by Bob, Jan/25/2009
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"In other words, the experience was great!"

I spent two weeks at the Language Immersion School in Veracruz, Mexico, in October of 2008. I think the best thing about my experience was getting to meet so many nice people.

The owners, Eric and Linda, could not have been more helpful. All the charlantes were friendly and always tried to make things easy for you. From some I learned more grammar, and from others, I learned how to tell a joke in Spanish.

I got to use the language all day long.

The best thing the two weeks did for me was to give me the courage to jump right in and try. For someone who is an extrovert and loves to talk, that meant I had to quit being afraid to make a mistake, and say something, even if incorrect. The charlantes would usually correct me, but in such a loving way that I did not mind at all.

I think staying at the school, even at night, was better than staying away from the school with a family. There was always a charlante who had “sofa duty” until 9 p.m. every night, if you wanted to chat (and we usually did).

We all learned enough Spanish (even the beginners) to catch a bus by ourselves and travel around the city. For two hours every weekday, we visited local sites of interest WITH a charlante, who always showed great patience and helpfulness with all our questions.

In other words, the experience was great!
by Rosemary, Jan/25/2009
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“I Received a Customized Program Based on My Needs.”

I had the greatest experience at the Language Immersion School. Initially, I was only considering it, but after I sent an email asking a few questions and then received a prompt, personalized (not a forwarded link to their website!) email from Linda, I spontaneously booked in for two weeks in November 2008. I had studied Spanish in school for years, but it was always the same material over and over again, so I felt I never advanced.

When I explained my desire to become better for personal and professional reasons, and the certain aspects of Spanish I wanted to improve on, I received a customized program based on my needs. All of the teachers were patient, friendly, helpful and very real. The relaxed atmosphere fostered a positive learning environment. I felt everyone there had a genuine interest in interacting with all of the students attending.

In addition to the actual classwork using books and taking notes, the creative addition of going out in the community every day with one of the staff members and the field trips on Thursdays made it even more stimulating and allowed for exploration of the Mexican culture and the Veracruz region.

Accomodation was comfortable and the school is in a great location to walk places or take the bus. The food prepared every day was excellent and having access to the internet was also useful.

I can't say enough positive things about this school and Veracruz in general, in addition to learning so much I made friends too. I would recommend it to anyone.
by Stephanie, Dec/03/08
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“The Instructors Are Competent, Kind and Perceptive…”

This setting created an ideal learning environment for me to further my language skills, to direct my independent learning, to know that in the future, I can return and receive professional, skilled assistance in enhancing my ability to communicate in Spanish.

The instructors are competent, kind and perceptive in leading the learner to a new level of confidence in their quest to master this beautiful language.

The school is ideally located in a safe, spacious environment, allowing each student privacy, great meals, access to the city and to environmentally friendly, historic tours.

Not only was I impressed with the facility and the learning opportunity, but with the level of integrity with which Linda and Eric work with the instructors who are part of their team. They model not only a great learning environment, but a just, equitable work setting for their local Veracruz team.

This is an ideal setting for the self-motivated learner in learning and mastering another language.
by Gabrielle, Nov/24/08
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"They are a credit to the language school, their families and their wonderful country."

The best part of the class week for me were the Thursday field trips to ancient ruins, museums, the local culture and beautiful beaches and rivers. While all were very impressive, what I found far more impressive was the seamless planning and execution of the field trips by the young charlantes. They are a credit to the language school, their families and their wonderful country. by Steve, Nov/23/08
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The Adventure To La Mancha

One of our Thursday field trips was to the little fishing village of La Mancha and it was a great adventure.

Our Charlante, Paula, made sure that our bus driver knew that we wanted to get off at La Mancha, which on the highway is just a rusted sign about ready to fall down. He assured her he would. After we left the last town, she again made sure he knew that we wanted off at La Mancha and again he told her yes, he would be sure to stop. Well, that didn’t happen.

All of a sudden, Paula jumped up and ran to the front of the bus, talking rapidly in Spanish. He finally pulled over and let us off, it was about ½ mile from the La Mancha stop. We laughed and walked back to the dirt road that led to the beautiful village of La Mancha.

On the way in we were greeted by these adorable burros. Paula, my husband Charlie and I made our way to this outdoor restaurant on the lake. Paula then told them that we wanted a tour of the lake and mangrove swamp. This started adventure #2 for the day.

A burro along the road to La Mancha Lagoon

One of the cute burros on the road

The pescador (fisherman) attached his motor to his lancha and we floated out so he could start the engine, however the engine didn’t start. I lost track of how many times he tried before the pull cord broke. He had a stick that he used to pole back in to shore to retrieve another motor. After motor #2 was attached, we again floated out so he could start it. It was touch and go as this motor also took several pulls before it finally started.

The motor died on us frequently as we made our way through the lake and into the mangrove area. At one point, on our way out of the swamp, he flooded his motor and he had to pole for a while and talked to us about his wonderful life in La Mancha. It was so peaceful, we could hear the birds and water flowing under the boat. I was bummed when he started the motor again.

Back on shore we enjoyed a great lunch with homemade tortillas at his family’s restaurant. We made it back to the road on only had to wait about 10 minutes for the bus heading back to Veracruz. This was probably one of the most relaxing adventures I’ve ever had.

Anna and Paula and a motor that didn't want to run

Paula, our Charlante (on the right); me (Anna) and the fisherman trying to start his motor

I would recommend this field trip to anyone that is interested in village life and the eco system of the mangrove swamp. We saw migratory birds, little crabs, spiders, and Paula saw a snake and a fish. A great field trip!

Motor Launch at the edge of La Mancha Lagoon

The launch (la lancha)

Great Blue Heron in Flight over La Mancha Lagoon

Great Blue Heron in flight over Lagoon La Mancha

Pelican Looking at the Camera on La Mancha Lagoon, Veracruz, Mexico

Pelican giving us the eye

by Anna, Nov/03/08
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"What a Wonderful Way to Learn Spanish"

What a wonderful way to learn Spanish. My husband Charlie and I recently got back from a two week experience at this marvelous school and the city of Veracruz. When we first arrived I had a limited vocabulary and was afraid to try and speak the language, even with my limited two word phrases. My husband had an even more limited knowledge.

After two weeks with our wonderful Charlantes, both of us can actually put sentences together and be understood and read and understand more when someone talks to us in Spanish.

The Thursday field trips are fun and very educational and it is a pleasure to see the “real” Mexico and the people of the villages along the way.

I didn’t realize what an impact the experience and City had on me until I started telling my coworkers and family the experiences we had down there. I actually start getting a little emotional. The city of Veracruz is so alive and the people make it a beautiful city.

The music is diverse and so enjoyable (see Eric’s blog from Oct 6), we even bought a CD from the Son Jarocho band that played every weekend on the Zocalo so we would have that to remember Veracruz.

Charlie and I left Veracruz feeling like the Charlantes and Eric and Linda were a part of our extended family and that we had found another wonderful place to visit. We are also keeping in touch with the 5 other students that were down there at the same time we were.

We shall be back.
by Anna and Charlie, Oct/10/08
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“I Got Exactly What I Wanted and Needed”

I thank you for accommodating me in August. I asked you for an intensive one week experience in conversation to jump-start my skills, and you provided it in a very relaxing atmosphere. I got exactly what I wanted and needed in Veracruz.

I appreciate the school's housing because I have had disappointing home-stays and anxiety with my other immersion experiences.

The staff and teachers were helpful, accommodating, friendly and always teaching. You all worked hard to keep the affective filter low { this is a very positive comment—you can check it out, like I did, in Wikipedia (Eric)}, assuring that learning was constant. I hope to return, possibly with my daughter in either March or June.
by Shannon, Sept/28/08
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“Dad, I just spoke nothing but Spanish in the past two stores and I understood them and they understood me!”

I checked out many different schools across the globe in Spain, Honduras, Costa Rica, and a number of others in Mexico, for a little over a year. This school appealed to me because you got to stay at the school, they fed you twice a day, they said there was always someone to talk to in Spanish if you wanted, and each day of class they took you somewhere in the city for 2 hours. This school did NOT disappoint!

The meals at the school are equal to or better than at the restaurants, the bedrooms, bathrooms and classrooms were very clean by U.S. standards, each afternoon and evening we would sit downstairs and speak Spanish with whichever instructor was around, and one is around all the time, 7 days a week!

The trips around the city to the markets etc. make it so that in the evenings and on the weekends you just walk outside without a teacher, catch a bus and go with no hesitation.

By our 5th day here we went shopping and my oldest daughter (14 years) came out of a store and was very excited and said “Dad, I just spoke nothing but Spanish in the past two stores and I understood them and they understood me!”

Later that night the venders were coming up to us and asking us questions and I asked my 8 year old if she understood what they were saying and she told me exactly what they were asking, and more importantly, she was correct.

This was a one week trial for us to see if the girls would like it, if the school was clean, and if it delivered what it advertised. I have already marked out of my office 6 weeks for next summer because we are coming back!
by Michael, Aug/15/08
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“…you and the staff have been my family and caretakers…”

Dearest Linda and Eric,

We made it back to Indiana without any issues. Saying goodbye was very difficult as you and the staff have been my family and caretakers during my recovery from the effects of the cancer radiation and drug therapies. Had you and the staff not been so accommodating, caring and kind, my experience in Mexico would have been abhorrent and worthy of remorse.

As it were, I felt such comfort from the first moment I saw the two of you, standing hand in hand, waiting for me when I arrived. Even thought I did not "know" you, I immediately felt the need to give the both of you a big hug and that need never stopped, nor will it stop.

It has been wonderful to meet people who are like-minded in the educational field, as well as in their personal lives. I always feel as if I have struck gold when I meet someone who extols the virtues and ethics that I live and breathe in my own life. I really wish I had more opportunities to sit and just talk with you two, as in my normal life, you would be people with whom I would want to be friends with, take in dinner and long nights over bottles of wine.

I am sure you have others whom leave your home and school feeling the same and rhapsodize over their experiences, but I am sincere in my thoughts and do not freely expose such. Should you or yours ever find themselves in need of anything, do not hesitate to ask.

I love a good adventure and Veracruz and your school definitely offered me those challenges, and typically seek out. My only wish was that I was feeling well enough to challenge Veracruz. I have only been home 12 hours and have already made arrangements to meet up with some people I know from Mexico City to start tutoring.

It will work great for both parties, I will be able to practice my Spanish skills acquired in your program while the parents get to practice some English skills. Their son is in 9th grade and I will be helping him with his English Literature, composition, and Science coursework throughout the school year. It will be a nice exchange of knowledge and cultures. I saw their ad on a flier in our neighborhood newspaper and called right away. It took me a few minutes to get them to understand that I did not need money for my services as their services were of equal value, if not more valuable, to me. They kept trying to get me to accept money for tutoring, but finally understood that what they could offer me was worth just as much and that I could be paying them for just basic conversation. Once we worked out that I had something they needed and they had what I needed, we are all one big pile of happy puppies! We begin Wednesday evening and I am excited!

So that's the story, not necessarily from Garrison Keillor's panegyric on Lake Wobegon, but in the same vein from Indianapolis, where the women are strong, all the men are good-looking and all the children are above average.

Thank you again and plaudits to you both, and the staff, for all your efforts and kindness.

I will be in touch...


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Testimonials and Recommendations


Endorsement from John Harper

This school is the perfect mix of encouragement and expectation. And opportunities abound to use the language as you are learning it. I loved all of my instructors. Each gave me a different perspective on the language. Best of all, the administration allowed me to shape my learning experience to meet my needs. I definitely recommend The Language Immersion School in Veracruz.

John V Harper
Managing Decisions, Inc.

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“Your concept of a language school is truly genius.”

Dear Eric and Linda,

I want to thank you again for all you did to make my stay here profitable, comfortable & thoroughly enjoyable. From the first e-mail, so quickly sent & chock-full of all the information I needed, to your phone call, to your description of what your school could offer me (which exactly fit my experience!), I knew all along the way that this would be everything I could hope for and more.

The same detail and personal touch I saw on your website was duplicated all over the school: from the friendly & informative welcome at the airport, to all the extra touches in my room (I loved finding a box of Kleenex by my bed, a fresh bottle of water, not one but two towels and a hand towel, extra toilet tissue, bug spray & even a little rug by my bed!).

I love how you have trained your staff to have the same attention to detail and that caring attitude towards all they do. I appreciated so much how you anticipated all my questions & answered them before I even asked them (even with that extra page of “rules” you didn’t really want to write!). Your attitude of service is truly admirable; even when I left my key in my room, your only concern was to drop everything & help me!

As for the wonderful staff you have collected, I can’t find enough adjectives in Spanish & English combined to describe how awesome they are. That personal, caring touch in the way my very own eggs were cooked, the way my room was cleaned, the way my teachers (& you :)) listened to what I wanted & then went out of their way to provide, and the way you two are always willing to sit & talk & share with anyone at any time (truly a Mexican custom that you have made your own, much to our delight & benefit!).

Your concept of a language school is truly genius, & the charlante experience is exactly what anyone in a foreign country would pay lots of money to find! Plus, it is absolutely wonderful to live in the same place that you study, & be able to just get up in the morning, walk down, & get started with a good dose of Spanish with breakfast. What you offer just isn’t available at any price anywhere else, & is definitely a tremendous bargain for all that’s included, with plenty of heart thrown in besides.

Mil gracias de una alumna muy agradecida.

Con mucho cariño,
by Kim, July/27/08
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“I couldn’t bear to leave..., so I stayed an additional week.”

This is a great trip and a great school.  I originally booked my stay for two weeks, but I couldn’t bear to leave at the end of the second week, so I stayed an additional week.  Why didn’t I want to leave? 
  • I was truly beginning to speak Spanish.
  • I didn’t want to leave my new friends so soon.
  • Veracruz is so beautiful.
  • It was much more fun than I had imagined.
  • It was so easy to stay within my budget – it truly is a cost-contained vacation.
I received everything I was promised on the website and much more.  If you want to learn to speak Spanish, don’t hesitate to try this school.  I have been    back home for four weeks, and I use my Spanish every day.

I decided to continue my training by arranging chat time with a lady who lives in my area but is a native of El Salvador. I was very nervous calling her home and asking for chat sessions since she does not speak any English, but I was able to make the call and negotiate a time and price without any problem.

Her 3- and 4-year-old children understand my Spanish just fine, so we play some games while I am there.

The Language Immersion School opened up a whole new life for me in my home town. Thanks, Eric and Linda!
by Dessie, July/05/08
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“…significantly increasing our Spanish speaking ability.”

My daughter and I enjoyed a total immersion experience in a safe and friendly culture far removed from the crutches of being near English speaking individuals.

The locals were friendly, helpful and accommodating while they shared their rich mixture of cultural heritage which is a mixture of Spanish and Native American influences.

The school’s teaching methodology of theory (individualized instruction) and application (out and about speaking Spanish in the community) and wonderful sight seeing excursions were quite helpful with significantly increasing our Spanish speaking ability. Also, very helpful for our understanding, was that the people of Veracruz spoke more clearly and softly than in other parts of Mexico that we have visited.

It was an experience we wish to repeat again.
by Kelly, July/02/08
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“Another great strength of your program is the willingness to personalize the teaching…”

Just wanted to let you both know how much I appreciate your program. I enjoyed it, learned a lot and realized that despite the knowledge I gained, there is still so much more to learn. I have been energized by my experience and plan on continuing to learn Spanish.

Your environment is ideal for the learning process. A big part of what makes it so fruitful is that you guys take care of all the logistics (i.e. laundry) so that we can focus on just learning. The multifaceted approach of class, field trips, mealtime and sofa time chat keeps it interesting.

Another great strength of your program is the willingness to personalize the teaching for the individual’s needs and wants. For instance, when a certain approach wasn’t working for me, you brainstormed for a new tact that was effective.

As a person who has been formally learning for more years than most people, I can confidently tell you that my experience with the school is among the best learning experiences of my life. I only wish that I had had a continuous 6-8 week block to keep building upon.

Both Barbara and I plan on returning. I want to have a broader, more comprehensive base before I do though. We’ll see…..

One request…please say hi to Ceci for me and pass on my regrets that I didn’t get to say goodbye to my main maestra. I truly appreciate her teaching. We had great times just talking {in Spanish} and laughing on our outings.

I’m a huge fan, but you know that.

Stay in touch & be well,
by Elan, June/24/08
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“It Far Exceeded My Expectations.”

I want to thank you again for the extraordinary learning experience you provided to me at your Language Immersion School. I sensed from your clear and detailed description on your web site that this would be a very unique school, and it definitely did not disappoint. In fact, it far exceeded my expectations.

To be able to live in a comfortable room in the same location as the school was not only very convenient, but allowed all the students many more opportunities to interact and speak in Spanish with your excellent staff. I also appreciated the personal approach you had with each student, informally evaluating the level of our knowledge and experience of the language, then providing the teachers who could best assist us to move forward. Having small classes of no more than three students {the over-sized grouping of three was at the students' request--note by Eric} was also a major benefit, affording us more time to interact with the teacher and other learners. In the second week, you were a great help in teaching me and two other students the subjunctive tense, one that I previously had great fear in learning. You opened the door and now I know, with additional study in Santa Fe, that I can master it at last.

The trips around the city and region with the charlantes were also a joy and very educational. To be able to talk with a native speaker (even though a dictionary was necessary at times!) was a highlight for me, not only in making me feel more comfortable speaking Spanish, but also learning so much about the rich history and culture of this special place.

And how can I not mention the delicious food your talented staff provided to us? And the free laundry service? And the air conditioning? And the free medicine? And so much more?

In brief, your school is a model that I hope other immersion schools will emulate. I plan to sing your praises with the Spanish Language Department at the Community College. I hope the next group of 24 students who will be taking a summer course in Mexico next year can take it here. I certainly plan to return.

With Best Wishes and Abrazos!

Helen Helfer
Sociology Professor
Santa Fe Community College

by Helen, June/22/08

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Huatusco—for a Great Weekend

We have just returned from our weekend trip to Huatusco with Dr. Olga as our teacher and guide. It was a wonderful trip and the first time we have been in a Mexican town which is not oriented to tourism.

We stayed with Olga's Aunt (We call her Olga "Primera") who was a superb hostess, and we learned a great deal about life in that town. We had a "real" Mexican breakfast and tried many native foods (with no problems at all). The house is magnificent.

Olga "segunda" drove us and served as a guide to the coffee plantation and the bamboo plantation. We had no idea there were so many kinds of bamboo and that they could be used for everything from floors to clothes.

Olga is a great teacher, translator and guide. She gave us each a list to use at the market and successfully buying her groceries was a confidence building experience. Together with her Aunt, other relatives and her friends we felt we had had a true experience of life in a very impressive Mexican town.

I have several pictures, including one with the family and the other with "mis amigos" at the market.

Gary with some local kids in the market at Huatusco, Veracruz, Mexcio

The children gathered around and were not asking for anything. They were children like all children and were just fascinated in talking to someone new and different.
by Gary and Sheila, June/11/08
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“Never in All My Schooling Have I Ever Made Such a Wonderful Choice.”

My name is Mead Disotell and I am from Lafayette Louisiana. I am a common man who works in the oilfield. I make a living traveling abroad and spending a lot of time away from home. Because of opportunities with my company I decided that it was necessary to learn to speak Spanish. With the help of my company I found a Spanish Immersion course in Veracruz Mexico.

Never in all my schooling years have I ever made such a wonderful choice. To me, school has always been about work. This Immersion course that Mrs. Linda & Mr. Erick Langner created has changed my opinion of the learning institutions of the world.

You will never find a more relaxing atmosphere to learn. The open attitude and willingness to help cannot be mastered more perfectly than what these two wonderful people have put together. Mrs. Linda is probably one of the most intelligent people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She teaches and she has Incorporated Spanish speaking natives as teachers.

The teachers are regular folks just like you and I. Mixed with small two hour class sessions you have outing with one of the teachers each day. You get to learn how to take the bus to the museum, how to get to find what you want to eat, where to shop and just a real feel for Mexico. It's like being on a vacation with a guide that just so happens to be your teacher.

You walk around in the beautiful city of Veracruz learning the history of the city, the people and how to speak to the people you meet on the street. It's just unbelievable how rewarding it is to have a stranger in another country understand what you are trying to say. I believe that this is part of the success of this school. Because of your interactions you desire to communicate better.

With the teachers help you hear the correct pronunciation of the words. Then you keep trying until you get it right. This makes you learn without even realizing that you are learning.

If you desire to learn the Spanish culture and the Spanish language, than I'm here to tell you there is no better place to do it.
by Mead, May /26/08
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“The Reports Are True--We Learned a Lot!”

We made it back safely (albeit with delays that kept us in Mexico City for an additional night).

The reports are true -- we learned a lot! {Eric’s note--And Bob and Amy were here for only a short week!}

On our unexpected extra night in DF we met up with a friend for dinner -- and it felt strange talking to him in English! (So we switched back to Spanglish).

Amy and I were both much better able to understand native speakers, even those speaking at a more or less normal rate, and we both advanced in our ability to express ourselves in Spanish -- Amy in the present tense and a little in the past tense, and I in the subjunctive mood.

It's obvious that you hire your staff based on their personalities. They're great conversationalists, gracious hosts, and a lot of fun!

Thank you for them!
by Bob and Ami, May/20/08
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"One of Our Best Vacations Ever"

There is no way we could say enough great things about Eric and Linda. Right from the start, they made us feel like we were guests in their home rather than students in a school. The teachers were there every morning to share breakfast and chat with us. We worked on our language skills in a very informal, comfortable setting all morning and then shared lunch with the teachers. There was so much conviviality—so much laughing and joking and sharing travel stories with the teachers and the other students—that we soon forgot we were in a school—we were painlessly absorbing what would have been months and months of Spanish study back in the states!

Every day found us fully engaged with the culture, the people, and the language of Veracruz Mexico. I had visions of sitting in my room memorizing long lists of new words. This never happened because I was too busy using them from breakfast to bedtime! By the end of two weeks, my wife, who had flunked Spanish in High School, was chatting like a native. I was so proud of her!

Larry and Tina with jaranas made by one of Mexico's best.

Tina Elia and full moon over the ocean

One evening our adventure took an interesting direction.

Tina and I went out on the town with Ed, a fellow student, his seeing-eye dog Abbott, and his wife Morgan. We ended up at a famous restaurant called “Parroquia” near the Malecon waterfront. Guide dogs are very rare in Veracruz. There are no laws requiring establishments to admit them. I walked into the restaurant and Ed ordered Abbot, his very large German Shepherd, to follow me. Ed and Abbott immediately drew incredulous stares from the patrons and waiters, but the natural courtesy and amiability of the people prevailed and no one objected.

Ed, Abbott and I were in the men’s room when the security guard rushed in, shouting “is there a dog in here?” Just that day I had learned the word for guide dog in Spanish. “It’s Ok”, I said, “perro guia.” The security guard looked embarrassed and said “Ah! Esta bien! No problema!” Later, when we were leaving the restaurant, the same security guard took it upon himself to flag down a taxi for us. The final highlight of the evening occurred when the five of us piled into the little taxi like college students into a phone booth. Abbot climbed in on top of Ed, Morgan and Tina in the back seat. I climbed into the front seat and gave our destination to one very astonished driver.

We had many more adventures during the three weeks we spent in Veracruz, including an eclipse of the moon and a trip up to the mountain town of Xalapa, in search of the folk music of ancient Mexico. Since these stories are too long to recount here, I would refer the reader to our website where there are many photos and descriptions of our adventure:

What started out as a simple trip to a language school turned into one of our best vacations ever! Eric and Linda, we’ll be back!
by Larry, Mar/26/08
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"You Thought of Everything"

You thought of everything. From the moment I walked into my room at midnight (after arriving at 11pm on a direct flight from Houston) I was impressed with how much thought had been put into making everything just right so that I could concentrate on learning Spanish.

The alarm clock on the nightstand was already set for 6:30; there was a bottle of drinking water on the dresser along with a printed schedule for week 1 and 4 pages explaining how things work at the school. There were fresh towels, a new bar of soap, a new box of kleenex and an unopened package of toilet paper.

At 6:30 the next morning I found coffee ready to be poured and a bowl of fruit. I sat down on one of the extremely comfortable sofas and noticed a beautiful arrangement of freshly cut flowers to my left and another student on one of the internet computers to my right. At 7am Paula arrived and put out sweet rolls and freshly cut mangos, papaya, and watermelon. Then she cooked my eggs exactly the way I like them.

The other students came downstairs carrying bags of dirty laundry. I soon discovered that these bags would be picked up before noon and returned clean the next day in individually wrapped packages.

The day and the week continued in this fashion and I truly had the freedom to only think about my reason for being in Veracruz, learning Spanish.
by Danielle, Mar/15/08
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If This Were Jeopardy, “What Is XOCONOSTLE?” Would Be Your Answer.

My husband Ed and I are studying at the Fabuloso Language School of Veracruz. We had been here 6 days (newbies to Spanish), and on Monday for our Out & About with Ceci and Paola, we explored El Mercado cerca del Zocalo.

The aisles were crowded around the fruit stands, and Ed’s Seeing Eye dog Abbott, a large German Shepherd, had to carve out a route for Ed. Ed was hand-inspecting unfamiliar fruits (“the Braille shopping method”), picking out pineapples for breakfast; the vendor came close to hand Ed unfamiliar fruits and say the names. He pointed to a Calabasas squash, said “Candy,” and handed us a hard-packed cone of what looked like brown sugar, from the Calabasas. Renee, who was with us and helping us with our new Spanish skills, said, “That’s the sugar that was in those cookies we ate yesterday in La Antiqua!” Who knew there was squash brown sugar?

Ed and Morgan are Spanish students here at school.  Abbott, an incredible German 
				Shepard was trained at The Seeing Eye.

We bought 75 pesos of gorgeous fruit and were leaving, when the stand vendor called to Ed, gesturing us back: “Señor, aqui es un solucion natural para su cholesterol” (Well, that’s Spanglish approximation--we’re new to Spanish).

Writing “Xoconostle” on an index card, he indicated that this was the name of the natural cholesterol-lowering drink he was about to show us how to make.

Picking out a plum-sized cactus fruit, he drew a picture of an oval cactus ear, with a fruit attached on top, indicating the fruit is the Xoco nostle.

When a somewhat gorda customer cleared her throat to indicate she was waiting to be served, he didn’t look up from his recipe, just gave a “shoo shoo” motion to indicate she should go to another stand!

From the top row of his stand he now chose a fresh green cactus ear like the one he had drawn, setting that on his cutting board beside the Xoco nostle. Then he carefully printed the recipe, saying aloud as he wrote:

                          1 Xoco nostle
                          1 Nopal cactus (one “ear”)
                          3 naranjas (peeled & seeded)

He gestured to slice the Nopal ear with a big knife, slicing it as he gestured, and adding the slices to the pile, along with 3 fresh oranges.

Tossing everything into a plastic bag along with the recipe and twisting the top into a knot, he indicated we were to put everything in the blender, blend it, and drink some of the juice daily at desayuno, to help with high cholesterol. “Natural!” he said again.

When I tried to pay for this, he grinned and waved us on our way, saying, “Gratis!”

We kind of backed out of the aisle, saying “Muchas gracias, muchas gracias,” the fruit vendor calling “De nada, de nada,” everybody grinning at everybody else.

This lovely man personifies for both of us the people we have met here in Veracruz---including and especially the staff at la escuela. Muchas gracias.

(Watching an 85 pound German Shepherd backing up El Mercado to lead Ed outside is not to be missed.)
by Morgan, Mar/14/08
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"This Was the Best School I Have Experienced."

I spent 3 and a half weeks in the Veracruz Spanish Immersion School and what an experience. Unlike the two other schools I had been to, this was a total immersion experience.

Before {at the other schools}, living with a family was really more like being with shy very nice people. Not knowing enough Spanish, there was virtually no communication other than trying to let them know what I needed to eat. Then I would be in school for 4 hrs, and then usually on my own after that, unless there was some sort of event planned.

What is different at this school, and I applaud them greatly, is that everyone at the school is willing and trying to teach, and help you with your Spanish.

At breakfast, Paula would start the day with Spanish. As the instructors arrive they join in at the table and speak Spanish.

Then 2 hours of one on one, then two hours of out and about (with a teacher). Then back to the school for lunch and you guessed it more Spanish. After lunch I got a 2 hours break, and then from 3 to 5 one on one for Spanish.

Then in the evening there is always a Spanish speaker available to practice with in the living room. (this was daily) If this is too intense you simply choose to go out for the evening and enjoy Veracruz.

The accommodations are great, the food is good, and there is always fresh fruit available for snacks.

The instructors are excellent, and you usually have two different instructors. At least I did, one in the mornings and a different one in the afternoon. I liked this very much. The owners of the school are terrific. There is no way I can say enough about Linda and Eric.

There is plenty to see and do.

So was there a down side, sure. The weather is hot and humid. The school has ceiling fans plus AC. I happen to thrive in cooler weather, so it was a problem for me as far as sleeping. Anything else, not really.

You will leave the school with as much Spanish as you want to take in and learn.

You will enjoy all the staff, and the owners. You will have memories that you will share and think about for a long time.

This was the best school I have experienced.

Thanks all of you for making a wonderful memory for me. I love you all.
by Jerry, Jan/21/08
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"An Experience of a Lifetime!"

I do not know why but I woke up thinking about Veracruz this morning. I am not the sentimental type but this morning I just had to get on-line and read the Spanish Immersion blogs, which is the next best thing to being at Eric and Linda’s wonderful Spanish Immersion School. Every student blog posting brought back wonderful memories. The love for Veracruz and its citizens shines through in owner Eric’s blogs.

What happens when you take a 53-year-old introverted, retired pediatrician who is passionate about learning Spanish but has been frustrated by poor comprehensive and oral skills and plop her into a unique Spanish immersion environment?

An experience of a lifetime!

In June 2007, I had the privilege of spending 3 weeks at Eric and Linda’s Spanish Immersion School. Several years ago, I did a 3-week homestay immersion program in Cuernavaca and 2 years ago, I did a 1-week Spanish immersion program in Costa Rica where I took lodging at the school (dormitory style). Eric and Linda’s School is by far the best experience I have had.

Their unique immersion program is sheer brilliance. The balance of small classroom instruction and 2 hour outings with your teachers or charlantes is the perfect educational opportunity to improve one’s Spanish. The school is also their home. The first floor has several classroom areas as well as a kitchen and living room where charlantes are always willing to sit and talk in Spanish. When you want privacy, you simply go up the stairs to your own room. If I had wanted to, I could have been speaking Spanish from 8am-9pm and occasionally I did!

Eric and Linda’s immersion school concept is brilliant: morning classroom instruction followed by a 2-hour excursion somewhere in town with a charlante. We rode buses, took taxis, and visited museums, colorful marketplaces, libraries, beaches and more. All the time, the conversation took place in Spanish in real time! The teachers also sit and eat breakfast and lunch with the students so this is another opportunity to speak Spanish. In the afternoons after class, I wandered the city streets, the boardwalk or watched folk dancers at the zocalo.

I never felt uncomfortable or unsafe even though I was usually the only lily-white turista around!

I worried a lot about the summer heat and humidity (I am a wimp) but the school and bedrooms were air-conditioned and the temperature was just right for late afternoon and evening walks. Part of the fun was talking with an eclectic group of fellow students. Folks of all ages and walks of life would come and stay for one or several weeks. Families with children from ages 9-17 were having the time of their lives. One image I will never forget is the day a father and his 17-year-old daughter returned from a city outing and he had kind of a dazed smile on his face: his daughter was suddenly speaking like a native after 4 weeks in the immersion program.

I was not the typical student in that I had a grant to write and bless Eric and Linda for thoughtfully having wireless Internet access 24-7. I am sure everyone thought I was crazy staying up late working on my grant but I had a great Spanish experience AND I got the grant!

I continue to try to fit in Spanish conversation time but it is difficult once one reenters an English-speaking environment. This fall I took Spanish 320 Intensive Review of Grammar at the University of Oregon and received an A+. I would have never dared take this class without my wonderful experience in Veracruz. The teacher spoke 100% of the time in Spanish (Castilian!) and 90%+ of the students (30 years my junior) were bilingual.

I’ll return to Eric and Linda’s wonderful program one day, but next time I’ll be bringing my 14 year old son. The program is just that good.
by Terry, Jan/12/08
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A Student's Take on the School

Before leaving for Veracruz I was a little hesitant about everything. I am a very calculated, think-things-out-before-you-leave kind of guy, so not speaking with Eric or Linda, solely relying on the pictures on the website (they do Veracruz and the School no justice, you need to see it with your own eyes) and a few emails I really wasn't sure what I had gotten myself into.

With that said, Eric and Linda met me at the airport on time (well Continental Airlines "on-time" 1 1/2 hour late) and instantly I knew that I had made a wise decision once we started our conversation in the cab. Eric and Linda are just great people who make everyone feel welcome. Once we arrived at the school I was greeted by lovely refinished wood floors, a very open floor plan and a well furnished bedroom with its own bathroom and air conditioning. The next morning I awoke to find the other students and the teachers eating a delicious breakfast with fresh fruit.

Let me say this, on my first morning I got the "what have I gotten myself into" feeling again because every word I heard was in Spanish. Instantly I started learning new words, new phrases, and new conjugations just at the breakfast table!!! I could go on, but let me say this, after 11 days of just breakfast conversations my Spanish speaking ability would have gone up by 30%.

Class at the School is great, because I am not a classroom guy, class is spent indoors for about 2-4 hours but the rest of the day is spent on field trips, walking around town, going to the bank, anything you really want to do and the best part about leaving the school is that when you are out in the town.... that is the real world and you have to know your Spanish. I even went with two other students to the town of Orizaba without a teacher.

After my 11 days the true test was going around town alone, buying gifts at the market, catching the right bus, telling a cab where to take me, and exchanging money at the bank. All of these things would have been impossible on day one on my own. I felt very confident and safe around town and even started conversations with people.

The teachers that work for Eric and Linda are the best that you will find anywhere. They really know how to challenge you and to make you speak correct Spanish.

I miss Mexico, the food, the people, the teachers, the Guero-Guero (you have to go to see what that is), and speaking Spanish.

Coming from a guy who researches everything, you cannot beat the Language Immersion School in Veracruz.

Hasta Luego,
by Matt, Dec/27/07
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From a Student, a Cryptic Note That Speaks Volumes

I took the post test today. :)
I tested at the first semester second year level.
I started at the first semester first year level.
That’s a one year gain.

{Explanation of Mickey’s cryptic note—Before she came to study with us her college gave her a Pretest. She scored at a first year first semester level. She studied with us for three weeks, three hard working weeks. When she went home her college gave her a Post Test. She scored at a second year first semester level. That was an increase of one full year of Spanish (i.e. two semesters). In terms of credit hours, that’s an eight credit gain. Congratulations are truly in order.} by Mickey, Dec/12/07
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A Businessman says, “Extraordinary…Absolutely Great…,” and more.

It is hard to narrow down the positive experiences into just a few sentences as the entire week went well beyond my expectations. Your approach to immersing the student into Spanish at the level they are at is extraordinary. I was very impressed with the level of instruction from a pure educator’s view (I taught high school for six years after college before entering the business world.) Every teacher, every "Charlante," was unique, and yet all were very focused on increasing my level of Spanish. The one-on-one instruction was absolutely great.

Two of your staff stood out for me. My first evening I was introduced to Elia who showed me the public transportation in Veracruz and with who I spent my first two hours out and about. I was very encouraged to recognize that I could communicate well enough for her to understand me and vice versa. Although we probably understood only fifty percent Elia made the process very comfortable, and that was a great start to the rest of my time.

Hector was the second person who made a large impact on me, and although he is finishing his degree in Mechanical Engineering he would also do well in a teaching / training role. Hector has an excellent grasp of English grammar and was very patient as we walked and talked about life in Mexico vs. life in the United States. I think I bonded with Hector well because he is the type of individual I deal with on a daily basis in my staffing business.

Finally, I truly enjoyed the afternoon I went out on my own, traveled into town, ate lunch, changed money at the bank, talked with several people in the "malecon," and was greeted warmly by the employees of the two staffing firms I visited, All of this was done without the "safety net" of one of the charlantes, and not a word of English was spoken. This truly provided a confidence level that I could "get by" anywhere in Latin America. I am not close to being fluent, but I am motivated to continue learning and part of those plans include more "immersion experiences."

Don't be surprised if you see me back next year. The only regret I have is that I only stayed for one week, next time it will be longer.
by Dave, Dec/08/07
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A Vegetarian Talks about Our Food.

I’m mostly vegetarian (no chicken or red meat). I arrived at the school impromptu, and I didn’t have any trouble finding plenty to eat. The school was able to cater to my diet.

Every morning there was fresh fruit, coffee, and juice available with breakfast.

For lunch we would have a family-style meal. The entree was a totally Mexican dish (like fish Veracruzana) accompanied by homemade salsa, beans, rice, lots of fresh cut-up vegetables, and tortillas, and sometimes dessert.

For dinner Mexicans usually eat light, such as cereal, fruit, or sweet bread. I would always find something at the zocalo or at a nearby café or store. My favorite is potato empanadas with salsa verde.

The food at the school is delicious, authentic and fresh, even for vegetarians.
by Hatti, Oct/01/07
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Five Great Kids Speak Up

Here are some things the kids said they wanted you to know about the school.

"My favorite parts were the field trips! And, we lived in a really nice was like staying in a huge home." Jarrett (9)

"I liked the school because the teachers are really good people. Like Mr. Jonathan and Mr. Alfredo. They taught me good Spanish and they were my friends." Jaiden (6)

"The food was different from what we usually eat, but I liked all of it! Especially since my mom learned how to make Pay de Limon from Antonia...we eat it ALL the time!" Jake (10)

"I liked my yummy birthday cake! Paula played school with me and she gave me lots of hugs." Jacey (4)

"Sometimes in the mornings, Mr. Eric would take us out on his boat. One time we saw five dolphins playing in the water out by the island! During our lessons we played lots of games to help us learn favorite was Spanish Memory." Jenna (12)

"This school was a wonderful, caring environment for us to learn in. We appreciated the dedication of the teachers to us...they not only became our teachers, but became treasured friends as well!" Danica (the Mom)
by Danica and her 5 Children, Sept/25/07
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A Student Talks About Our Toilets.

The next best thing {the best thing is the way the school teaches} about the school was the toilets!

No where in Mexico have I found a toilet that flushed consistently and completely as the one in my room at the school.

This may be a little thing to one who has not experienced Mexican toilets, with the nasty little basket adjacent, but I appreciated your attention to details in everything.
by Bill, Aug/27/07
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Letter from a Student Who Has Studied in Several Immersion Schools

I greatly enjoyed the time I spent in your school, and I am very pleased with my progress after only 16 days.

Over the last two summers I have studied Spanish in 4 other schools, 3 in Spain and 1 in Mexico; last year after returning from Spain and sitting through 220 classroom hours of instruction, I actually spoke less Spanish than before leaving home! I believe the reason was because of their approach to teaching the language and the fact that I had been overloaded with Spanish grammar.

{In school in Spain,} I was unable to process all the data in a manner that would permit me to communicate my thoughts in Spanish. I was trying to translate English thoughts into Spanish sentence structures, but it was too slow and cumbersome. All the boxes had been ticked, and I had received diplomas stating that I was proficient in the language, but I couldn’t speak in a reasonable manner to any native speaker and be understood.

Your method of combining private instruction with daily excursions (accompanied with my own teacher {charlante}) into the daily routine, markets, and various strata of the society of Veracruz worked magic. Spanish became a living, growing part of my person and the words began to flow without needing translation. I believe this to be a much simpler and natural method of learning a language.

Language is not a science and learning the details of grammar does not make one a Spanish speaker. Few native speakers of any language speak it perfectly, and what is needed to learn any skill is to use it. And with using it, it grows, improves, and finally flows without thought.

Thank you for the wonderful experiences in Veracruz and the help and confidence your school has given me. You may use my name as a reference, and I will be happy to confirm to anyone that which I have written.

All the best wishes to you both and all my friends and teachers in your school.
by Bill, Aug/23/07
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"Hi Linda and Eric,"

Gary and I made it home in fine shape. Our week in Veracruz was an amazing experience. I was prime for the classes and all the teachers were exceptional. They were dedicated with a sincere interest in teaching us Spanish. They were thrilled when Gary formed his first sentence using three verbs. This meant a great deal to him.

We hope to return next summer and spend three weeks there. I have exciting weekends planned for us. I will keep you informed when we finalize the details.

Hasta luego,

Gary and Sheila Nashville, TN
by Sheila and Gary, Aug/06/07
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"Self-Actualization," Says a Student.

I think that the two of you {Linda and Eric} have attained a level of self actualization that Mazlow would envy. Finding the work that you love in a place you love is very unique.

To my way of thinking, you managed to blend the intimate atmosphere of a bed and breakfast with the intensity needed to learn a new language.

The idea of going out into Veracruz every day to practice language in context brought the language to life for me.

Having to step up to the counter at the autobus station and request a ticket helped develop my vocabulary faster than any set of flashcards I could have created. It also helped me build the self confidence I needed to use the Spanish I had learned.

None of that would have happened had the two of you not had the understanding of how people acquire language and developed a program around that vision.
by Bob, Aug/05/07
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"Location, Location, Location"--A Student's Comments

Your website said you're five minutes this way to the beach and 15 minutes that way is the main part of the Malecon and just a little farther is El Centro, but even so I didn't really understand how good your location is. You couldn't be in a better location. It's easy to get anywhere from here. You've got to put something in your site so people can see how good your location is... by Sue, May/19/07
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He Said We Should. But We Didn't, and We Won't.

You should be charging more. You include so much and you do everything so well that your price is too low. What we're getting is worth much more than what you charge... by Charles, May/15/07
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A Letter from a Family

Dear Linda, Eric and all of our wonderful teachers,

We had a great time staying with you in Mexico. I only wish that we had a longer time to spend fine tuning our Spanish and getting to know the amazing state of Veracruz.

Unlike most of the programs that I looked into the in-school lodging really ensures a great trip for both the single traveller and the family. You have a lot of freedom to explore the city and the area but never feel alone or isolated in foreign country which is great.

The cooking lessons are also a great perk of the program. What a fun way to pick up more vocabulary and to have something to bring back and to share with friends at home.

Thanks so much for the wonderful week.
by Annie, May/03/07
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Letter from a 10 Year Old Student

[We received a letter from a delightful 10 year old girl who was with us for an extended stay. Here are the P.S. and P.P.S. from her letter.]

P.S. Thank you for remembering my birthday and for the card. I'm sending a letter about my favorite teacher if you want to put it on your blog. _______________________________________

I really learned a lot more Spanish Talking with Ivethe. We talked about music, fashion, life in Veracruz and Mexican Culture. Now, people are amazed at how well I speak Spanish. Thank you. I miss you, Ivethe.

Your friend, Lia.

Yo apprendi mucho mas Espanol hablando con Ivethe. Nosotros hablemos sobre musica, manera, vida en Veracruz y cultura Mexicana. Ahora muchas personas son asombrados con mi Espanol. Gracias. Te extrano Ivethe.

Tu amiga, Lia. ______________________________________________

P.P.S. Say hi to everyone for us!
by Lia, April/5/07
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In One Week's Time

First of all, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned an incredible amount; it was a real treat for me to be able to spend so much time on just one thing in such a very supportive atmosphere. I think that your school provides an ambiance that is warm, friendly, and highly conducive to learning another language.

Before I left Pittsburgh, I consulted with a colleague who studies second language learning and one of the things he mentioned to me was the importance of establishing relationships with others as a motivational vehicle for really learning another language. What was so marvelous about my experience in Veracruz was being able to establish those relationships with so many people (i.e., charlantes and instructors) and within that to practice and learn so much from each one of them about Spanish as well as the Mexican culture.

I was only there a week, but I felt I made headway on each of the objectives that I set for myself. My vocabulary increased, I gained confidence in my abilities to speak, I gained better functional use of verb tenses other than the present tense, I came to use a greater variety of verbs in my spoken Spanish, and likely increased my level of comprehension of detail within conversations.
by Louise, Mar/29/07
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"A Rapid Infusion"

Due to an impending business presentation in Mexico, I needed a rapid infusion of knowledge on Spanish language and culture. The school provided that needed boost – and then some. Not only did I acquire an amazing level of understanding of the language and culture, Eric and Linda also arranged meetings with local businessmen to help fine-tune my presentation and understanding of my prospective clients. And, my colleague and I were able to utilize the impressive talents of the teachers at the school to make sure our presentation made perfect sense in Spanish. Talk about above-and-beyond!

After only 10 days at the school, I learned more about Spanish and Mexican culture than I ever thought possible. More importantly, I gained a deep appreciation for the country and the people. The staff at the school were unfailingly pleasant and patient with my fumbling Spanish, and the accommodations (and the food!) were delightful. The presence of such warm and wonderful people undoubtedly multiplied my learning potential 10-fold. I am definitely planning to return, although my wife has already beat me to it – signing up for 2 weeks this summer for herself, 2 other fellow teachers, and our 17 year-old son.

As a Spanish-language novice, the school lifted the foreign-language veil for me, and I gained confidence that I can one day master this beautiful language. As a cultural and business tutor, the school was also top-notch. And as an added bonus, my wife and I feel our experience at the school was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, and plan to return again and again.
by Tom, Feb/13/07
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"Thank You for Another Great Learning Experience!"

My husband and I just returned from spending 2 weeks at The Language Immersion School in Veracruz. This was our 2nd time there. We both took individual “one-on-one” Spanish instruction as part of the Businessperson curriculum. This included “out and about” excursions with the charlantes. What a great way to learn Spanish. It was excellent !

All the teachers were knowledgeable, friendly and made learning easy. The people of Veracruz are very friendly and courteous. We always felt very secure and safe.

Linda and Eric were our gracious and accommodating “hosts”. We thank them for a wonderful learning experience.
by Vicki and Kjell, Feb/01/07
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A Letter in Spanish

Asunto: Reconocimiento

A Quien Corresponda


Por este medio deseamos hacer un reconocimiento públicoa The Language Immersion School por la metodología aplicada en el sistema de enseñanza en el idioma inglés.

Somos un grupo de esta empresa que no importo ser de diferentes edades, estilos de vida, educación, masculinos y femenino y que a lo largo de nuestra vida pasamos por diversas escuelas, academias o clases particulares con el fin de aprender a hablar el idioma inglés.

Lo que deseamos expresar es que con todas las deficiencias y carencias que cada cuál traía, Se logro una uniformidad logrando que todos subiéramos de nivel, y así poder entenderlo, hablarlo y escribirlo y más aún el poder comunicarnos con otras personas. Sabemos que van de la mano el proceso de la enseñanza con estudio en casa, aprovechando toda ocasión en todo lugar y momento para practicarlo sin que nos inhibamos.

Muchas gracias por esta oportunidad que nos brindaron sus dirigentes Eric y Linda Langner.

En lo particular gracias a la Sra. Linda por la paciencia, atención, buen humor, puntualidad y diligencia que tuvó y tiene para este grupo.

Sin más por el momento, quedo a sus órdenes para cualquier comentario o duda al respecto.

by Jóse Antonio, Jan/22/07
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Two Weeks Down Here and then a Big Sale Back Home

I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while. I have been very busy with the Guard (still 3 years to go) and the real estate mortgage business. I now have my real estate license and have been working almost exclusively with Spanish speaking people.

Currently I have a client that I am representing who is from Veracruz. He has been here in the U.S. for about 10 years and has became very successful. He has a great job and a wonderful family. You should have seen his face when I told him I had been to Veracruz to study Spanish.

I was able to show him the pictures we took and your website. What should have been a 45 minute meeting lasted over 2hrs. He was so excited that I had been to his home town and was talking about the places in the photos, and so excited that I was talking with him in Spanish that he hired me to represent him not just to find him property but to sell the 4 homes that he currently is building.

So I owe this one to you guys. He was very apprehensive when we first met, but Veracruz and the Spanish I learned down there made everything work out great.
by Darrell, Jan/18/07
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RID--Reflexive, Indirect, Direct

I just returned home from a working vacation at the Language Immersion School during the week between Christmas and New Years. What a fun and productive week it was. I had written Linda and Eric that I was studyingSpanish at the local community college and I was having some problems with a couple of things that I needed to get a better handle on. I also wanted to get a head start on next semester’s topic. Linda told me not to worry, that they could customize the lessons to help me deal with these issues.

The two-hour morning classes were spent working on my problem area, direct and indirect object pronouns, and taking an outing to the central open air market, or a walk along the malecon, or zocalo, or a bus trip to the grocery store. Lunch was with the other students and the school staff. Most of the conversation was in Spanish, making lunch another learning event.

The afternoon had two 2-hour classes. The first dealt with past and present tenses in Spanish with Centli, and the second was a general conversation class with Carmen. This was great because so far I had only studied the present tense at school, and I had never really had an extended conversation in Spanish before. In the evening there was another outing to a restaurant or nearby town. On Thursday there was an all day outing by bus to Xalapa, the capital of the state of Veracruz.

By the end of the week I was over my problem with pronouns and able to speak in simple sentences.

The real magic of the program was the outings. Each time I was accompanied by a different native Spanish speaker, and they were instructed to keep English to a minimum. The day trip was with Paula (who is usually the main cook and was the lead remodelista this week in the recently acquired addition to the school) who does not speak English at all. I was forced to put all my classroom work into practice during these outings. And the plan worked!

I have a big head start on the next two semesters of school; plus I am way ahead of my classmates in actually using the language. I just wish I had a couple more weeks of this intensive study and practical use of Spanish.
by Rick, Jan/05/07
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A Superintendent of Schools Reviews Us

Our journey to Linda and Eric’s wonderful Language Immersion School began when my husband and I decided to spend three months in Spain to celebrate my retirement. We recognized the fact that we needed to be able to communicate in Spanish. My sister and her husband, who were accompanying us, decided to take an immersion course in Spain. But since we live in Arizona we thought it might be easier and more beneficial for us to take a course in Mexico. After searching the internet and calling a few places we decided to take the plunge and attend The Language Immersion School. It was the right decision!

Linda and Eric met us in the Veracruz airport. That initial friendly meeting did much to assure us that we were on the right track. Needless to say, we were nervous about staying in someone’s very large home. But that is one of the things that makes it so great!!! Someone is available all day to guide and teach, from breakfast on you are learning. Elia was our cook and guide the first few days. She was the best!! The atmosphere was not threatening, and if you want to speak English that is fine. But the emphasis is always on acquiring Spanish language skills.

Our schedule suited our needs. Linda and Eric are more than willing to accommodate the needs of those who attend – changing schedules, finding experts in various fields, changing teachers, recommending restaurants, etc. Life at The Language Immersion School is flexible.

Our schedule was as follows:
7:30 AM – Breakfast. Elia was always positive and provided the correct Spanish for the food we wanted.
8:00 AM – Class – Since we were rank beginners we started with pronunciation and built from there. The teachers involve the students in their own learning – no lectures!
10:00 AM – Out and about in Veracruz with a teacher (charlante) who usually had limited English language skills. Those were the best experiences. They presented real life situations in which any of us could find ourselves - restaurants, markets, shoe stores, on the beach, etc.
12:30 PM – Lunch. Another fun filled, non-threatening way to share in Spanish. This meal was really dinner as it was the major meal of the day. For those who are watching their weight this is wonderful, and you get to work off all the calories during the afternoon.
1 or 1:30 PM – Study or free time. There is always someone available to help or to engage in conversation.
3:00 PM – Class. This class was geared to grammar and is essential! The grammar was presented, and then we used it in sentences that made sense to us and what we would be doing in Spain.
5:00 PM – On your own.
6:00 PM - A teacher is available to help you study or just for conversation.

At first the day seemed long, but as we adjusted the time seemed to fly by.

Thursday is a wonderful day. The schedule crumbles, and the students are able to select a place to visit in Mexico, within a reasonable distance of course. You are accompanied by a Spanish speaking teacher/guide and are encouraged to use your Spanish language skills. But the choice of places to visit depends on your areas of interest. There are ruins, art centers, historic cathedrals, shopping, mountain or sea views, the list goes on and on. Actually, the best part for me was riding the buses and figuring out how to read the bus schedules. You can be assured that you are safe and well taken care of on all the trips both within and outside Veracruz.

My husband and I learned a lot and we had a good time doing it!!!! We still practice and study, but we are functional in Spanish. We still have to listen carefully and sometimes (many times) ask the speaker to slow down, but the more we practice the better we get. Being at The Language Immersion School made the difference. We are confident that we will be able to speak Spanish in any situation.

When we compare our experience to that of my sister and her husband who attended an immersion school in Spain, there is no comparison. They did homework and class work. We talked and experienced. They have no confidence in their ability to speak. We may not get it right each time, but we have the confidence to try. They have an extremely limited vocabulary. We have the vocabulary needed to live in a Spanish speaking world comfortably.

Thank you Linda and Eric!
by Bonnie, Dec/31/06
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También Enseñamos Inglés (We Also Teach English)

Hola, Mi nombre es Armando Cabrera. Soy estudiante de la escuela Náutica de Veracruz. Debido al medio en el que me desarrollo, la necesidad del dominio del idioma inglés es primordial. Tras la búsqueda incansable de una institución que me hiciera crecer, encontré esta escuela, la cual es dirigida por personas de origen Americano por lo que asegura al 100% que el aprendizaje será el correcto.

Llevo dos semanas en esta familia, por que así me hacen sentir, y mi aprendizaje ha sido sorprendente ya que realizo las actividades cotidianos de cualquier persona Americana es como viajar a los Estados Unidos en México aprender inglés de este modo es fácil y muy divertido.

Uno de mis principales objetivos era encontrar un sistema que me permitirá vivir comer descansar y hacer cualquier cosa en inglés y con este sistema que los Sres. Eric y Linda ofrecen lo llevo a cabo ya que mis clases son de inmersión total. Comienza al las 8:00 A.M. y termino a las 14:00 durante este lapso de tiempo cuento con dos recesos para descansar de clases y que poder platicar con otras personas americanos que toman clases de español del mismo modo. Tomo un jugo y una pieza de pan.

A las 12:00 comemos y otra clase se imparte en las mesas de inglés y/o español. Yo por supuesto elijo la mesa de inglés en la cual se comenta cualquier tipo de tema al mismo tiempo que se forma una amistad internacional.
by Armando, Dec/30/06
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