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American owned and operated. Lodging, meals, and materials are included. Come to Veracruz by plane (we'll meet you at the airport), bus, or car. Non-traditional Spanish immersion optimizes your learning in this especially safe, very friendly city.   (About Us--click here)

Spanish Language Immersion at our Spanish Language Schools in Veracruz, Mexico

Frequently Asked Questions about
Spanish Language Schools and
Spanish Language Immersion

Will your Spanish language schools really teach me to speak?

Yes! And it makes us very proud. Our Spanish language immersion program teaches you to speak—to converse in Spanish, to visit in Spanish, to shop in Spanish, to dine in Spanish, to travel in Spanish, and more and more.

At your Spanish school, how many students are in a class?

We limit class size to two students. Bigger sizes would be easier for us, but these extra-small classes are much more successful. We limit class to two because you learn so much more this way.

Do you have Spanish immersion for all levels?

Yes. We generally think in four levels—very beginner, beginner, intermediate and advanced. At all levels, our focus is on getting you speaking—conversing in Spanish.

How many hours is the Spanish language immersion program each day?

We have six hours of class a day. Two of these hours are out-and-about lab. In addition we have a native-Spanish speaker available to practice with you from seven in the morning until nine at night. Effectively we offer twice as much Spanish as most schools and three times as much as some.

What’s the environment like at your schools?

If you’re having fun, if you feel safe, if you’re actively participating, if no one feels embarrassed, if you’re working with nice people, you learn much, much faster and far, far better. Our environment is fun and safe and comfortable, and school’s a nice place to be. We all work together so that you and everyone learn the most Spanish possible.

Spanish language immersion sounds great, but I’m a beginner. How do you explain Spanish to me in a language I don’t understand?

This is often a big problem. We've solved it at our Spanish language schools by using dual-language. To save you lots of time and to make sure you understand, we change to English to explain new concepts, and then slip right back into Spanish to begin putting them to work.

How long are your language immersion courses?

Most students come for two or three weeks, and great progress is made in this amount of time. If you wish you’re welcome to come for as little as one week. Our longest student-stay so far was 19 weeks.

Is your school mostly grammar?

No, it’s mostly learning to speak Spanish. But we’ll teach you all the grammar you need to support speaking. We’ll do it as you need it, and so it will make sense. (Also, since most of us have long forgotten the grammar we learned back in 8th grade, we take a little time to refresh your memory.)

How much will I learn in an immersion program?

Beginners come knowing almost nothing and even after only two weeks leave able to communicate. They speak, of course, in simple sentences using several verb tenses. Those with intermediate knowledge of grammar but unable to talk leave able to put almost everything they know into conversation. Advanced students see great progress in their speaking and sentence variation and complexity.

How big is your Spanish school?

We cap our enrollment at 24. Capping at 24 keeps us small enough that we can individualize instruction plans. That lets your learning better meet your needs.

Is your Spanish program mostly classroom?

Our program runs from 7:00 in the morning until 9:00 at night. Four hours a day are spent in our informal classrooms and two hours are spent out and about. A native-Spanish-speaker is available to practice with you during all the other hours (including breakfast and the big midday meal).

Where are your schools?

Our main facility is in Veracruz, Mexico and sits half a block from the ocean’s edge. We offer school to advanced students at two other locations, Villa Rica and Chavarrillo.

I’ve been to other Spanish language schools. How is yours different?

Our highly successful, relaxed, and friendly focus on getting you talking sets us apart. Our students leave speaking Spanish. On our Testimonials and Recommendations page (it's on the navigation bar) many students talk about this.

How do I get to your schools?

The Veracruz airport is only fifteen minutes from us. There’s a direct flight from Houston, and there are many flights connecting through Mexico City or Cancun. You can also come by bus (the bus terminal is five minutes away), or you can drive.

What does Spanish language immersion mean to you?

Spanish language immersion at our Spanish language schools means that all day long you are happily and actively involved and participating in Spanish and Latin Culture with those constantly focused on helping you expand your skills and knowledge and understanding.

looking south along the surf at Villa Rica beach

Yes You can,
Yes You Can,
Yes You Can,

says this sign. And Yes You Can learn Spanish. Our highly successful immersion program will get you there, and get you there fast.

Two student from our Spanish school are taking time out from Spanish immersion to play a beautiful marimba.
Part of our Spanish language immersion program is to take you out-and-about. And anywhere you go you'll have fun.

Spanish immersion includes pinata parties, and here two young boys are enjoying the pinata.
It's a Spanish language school, and so, of course, we have pinatas at our birthday parties.

Two students are heading home from our Spanish school in Veracruz, Mexico
A couple of students head to the airport after 2 weeks of Spanish study.

Two blocks from our Spanish school in Veracruz, immersion students can go for a quick swim in the ocean.
The main in-town beach is only 2½ blocks from us.

A mother and her little boy photographed in front of our language school are walking to kindergarten.
Elia, one of our teachers, and her wonderful little boy, César, are on their way to kindergarten.

Standing on the main stage at Carnaval are three immersion students from our language school.
Three of our immersion students are standing on the zocalo's Carnaval stage.

Cultural studies are part of our Spanish language immersion program.  This tortilla machine is a stop on our in-town culture tour.
A favorite spot on our Spanish language immersion program's evenings out is this old-fashioned tortilla machine.

A family with two young children arrive at our school ready to immerse in Spanish.
A family begins to settle into one of our spacious rooms. If you look closely, you'll see that we had to turn the bunk bed around before the kids could use it.

Music students sometimes perform on the Malecon for tips and performance practice.
A group of music students is dancing for tips at the zocalo. They enjoy the little bit they receive and get lots of important practice performing.

The malecon fills with locals and tourists in the evenings.  Here you can see the widest part of the malecon close to the zocalo.
The malecon is at its widest along this part of the harbor. You can see a harbor tour boat pulling away from the malecon as it begins its 45 minute loop around the port.

Learning Spanish is more fun when you have a few minutes in the sun.
A Spanish student is taking a short and sunny time out.

San Juan de Ulua sits right across the harbor, and even today it's appearance is imposing.
The old fort, San Juan de Ulúa, lies across the harbor. Gold and silver were kept here awaiting Spanish sailing ships that would carry it across the ocean. Pirates often waited close by.

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