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American owned and operated. Lodging, meals, and materials are included. Come to Veracruz by plane (we'll meet you at the airport), bus, or car. Non-traditional Spanish immersion optimizes your learning in this especially safe, very friendly city.   (About Us--click here)


Here's a listing of our pages with each photo page associated with its principal page.

Home Page--Spanish Immersion School
Our Spanish immersion is always focused on getting you talking.

Conversation Intensive Spanish Immersion
Spanish immersion is the best way to increase your converstion skills.

Spanish immersion and culture
Intensive immersion with an emphasis on culture present and past

Intensive Business Spanish Immersion
Business conversation with discussion about the nature of business in Mexico

Spanish immersion and Mexican cooking
Spanish immersion is the primary focus and for added fun you can add in Mexican cooking.

Spanish Immersion with Adventure and Eco Tourism
The city and state of Veracruz are full of adventure and eco tourism.

Testimonials and Recommendations
Our approach is highly successful, and here are student letters talking about our program

Spanish Immersion Endorsements
Here we've collected many short comments from students that are endorsements of our school

Mexico Veracruz Blog
Veracruz is fun and happy and we're always happy to share our experiences and the experiences of those who've studied with us.

Spanish Subjunctive
We had so much call for the subjunctive that we developed it as its own program. Studying with us is the first time many have succeeded with the subjunctive.

Spanish Pronunciation and Vocabulary
We developed a set of short pornunciation and vocabulary lessons to offer a headstart to beginners should they have some time to study before coming to Veracruz.

Aviation English
ICAO Levels 1,2 3, and 4 Aviation English are available in Veracruz or in San Diego.

Villa Rica, Study at an Undeveloped Beach
Villa Rica is a pristine beach, and it's a great spot for intermediate and advanced speakers.

Mandarin Chinese
Mandarin Chinese has been moved to it's own site. This page gives you the new url.

Intensive English immersion is available. The native speakers have a standard US accent.

Ingles Intensivo
This page explains our English program in Spanish.

The State of Veracruz
A tour of Veracruz, the state, via cut and paste links

Here are some frequently asked questions. Please always feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Our Prices and All That We Include
In our price we include a lot that other schools don't include. Please look at the list of all we do include and what we don't. We don't want there to be any unhappy surprises.

CEUs and College Credit
We can offer you college credit and are happy to work with your organization or accrediting body on CEUs.

Continuing Education for Nurses
For Nurses who've studied Spanish but still can't speak it, this is a program to get them talking with their patients.

Trips and Outings
Places of interests, destinations, and important establishments. It also includes photos of old Veracruz.

Friends of the School
Here are some good friends of the school who help explain Mexico. The links are cut and paste.

Snapshots of the School
Here are interior views of the school and a few of the surroundings.

Fomental Cultural de Veracruz
This is now its own site. We host the site on behalf of Veracruz's main performing arts coordinating group.

A Retired URL
This page helps some locate a long closed school.

Useful Links page 1
Here are some sites that can offer interesting and often useful perspective.

Useful Links page 2
Here are some sites that can offer interesting and often useful perspective.

Useful Links page 3
Here are some sites that can offer interesting and often useful perspective.

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Our U.S. number is  (415) 939-4388.  This is a San Francisco number that rings right through to us in Veracruz.


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